calligraphy table number sign for Askham Hall from By Moon and Tide

I’m writing this as I sit behind my little stand at Askham Hall on Sunday – where I’m an exhibit! (with my By Moon & Tide Calligraphy hat on.) This is the one ‘local’ venue I’ve been desperate to explore for years, and never quite made it until today… and it’s beautiful.

I’m here with all of my calligraphy, signage and stationery goodies, all set up for the day. The vibe is magical, the venue is bursting with relaxed and pretty barn wedding charm, and the other exhibitors (‘exhibit’ is just how I feel!) are super lovely humans who’ve made me feel at home.

Askham Hall's recommended wedding calligrapher and stationery designer (4)

Here’s a little peek at the wedding invitations and other handwritten / calligraphy-inspired treats on my stand – and the showstopper backdrop I’m so proud of on that stunning copper frame from Tebbey & Co. Emma styled all the dining tables in the barn and main house, and they looked breathtaking – flowers from Sally at Roseberry (it’s Sally you can see in the photo above!) and my little bits of stationery and calligraphy completed the look.


Hey lovelies! I would LOVE to know if you’d be interested in a wedding calligraphy workshop in 2019 – aimed at absolute beginners, and where I can teach you to design your own wedding invites and monograms for stamps, stickers and branding your wedding! I’ll be booking dates in the next week, so please add a little comment here if you’d be interested in coming along! I’d love to see you there.

I have a little news for you as well, especially crafty brides and grooms who would love to learn calligraphy before the end of 2018. I’ve a few lettering workshops with tickets left, and I’ll be thrilled if you can join me!

I’m going to brighten up my calligraphy workshops from now with a little more variation in the styles we learn and the tools we use on the day – so here’s our exciting schedule of modern calligraphy classes for the rest of the year!

September 15th – write your own gold ink greetings card

at Swallows & Artisans, Lanehead, Coniston, Cumbria from 2 o’clock until 5.


Modern calligraphy workshops – information & online booking

I wonder if any of you lovely ladies and gents might have ‘learn calligraphy’ down as a new year’s resolution? If you do – or if I’ve just inspired you to try it! – then I can help! I’ve been hosting modern calligraphy workshops in Manchester for a year now, and I’d love to invite you to the next one on Friday the 26th of February. This is the kind of writing I teach…

… and once you know your way around the pen and nib, it’s surprisingly easy to do! My calligraphy workshops are held in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the price is £59 per workshop.

Click here to book your place now!

You’ll learn:

  • How to use a traditional calligraphy dip pen
  • The basics of contemporary lettering and flowing scripts and letter forms
  • It’s a hands-on day so I’ll be demonstrating a little, but most of the time you’ll be writing and I’ll be giving pointers and helping you

Regular readers of the English Wedding Blog will know I wouldn’t be here without the support of all my fabulous sponsors – the creative, exciting and top notch wedding suppliers who advertise on the right hand side of every page published on the site. Each of my blog sponsors is a friend and a favourite wedding supplier for me, and I know you’ll love them as well. They deserve a huge thank you – and for new readers, an introduction. If you haven’t booked all of your wedding suppliers yet, then scour the list and find out more about each of these lovely people today!

Clevedon Hall Bristol wedding

Wedding photography in Bristol by Joseph Hall (click to see Kristy and Jamie’s Clevedon Hall wedding on the blog)

Wedding photographers all around the UK


Hello there everyone! Oh my, I can’t believe how quickly this week is flying by! I’m trying so hard not to count the days until Christmas… yikes!! I’m looking for lots of real weddings and ideas to feature over the festive period so please do get in touch if you have anything you’d like me to share on the English Wedding Blog. For today though, I have some gorgeous wedding invitations to show you.

Vintage Twee wedding invitations (1)

Image credit Vintage Twee |

I was so pleased when lovely Joanne from Vintage Twee got in touch with me to ask for a little calligraphy on her wedding invitations for Lance and Lisa. I’ve always loved Jo’s work – she sells on Etsy and from her online boutique at I’m the proud owner of a few of her wonderful creations myself! I keep my calligraphy nibs in Jo’s exquisitely crafted wedding favour boxes – they’re adorable!

Vintage Twee wedding invitations (2)

Image credit Vintage Twee |


Hello everyone! I have a little calligraphy post for you this morning, which I thought I’d share after reading some comments on (my top favourite!) Oh So Beautiful Paper blog. Whether you’re writing your own envelopes in a quirky script, using a calligraphy font or hiring a calligrapher (I’m available!) you should consider how easy your addresses are to read.
handwritten calligraphy address example (2)

Two things to watch out for if anyone’s thinking of hiring a calligrapher or learning:

1. The house name or number must be crystal clear. Watch for 1s that look like 7s and if you’re not sure, don’t embellish simple numbers. Clarity is more important than a fancy flourish.

2. The post code should be the most legible thing on the envelope. Again make sure the numbers and letters aren’t overly flourished here.

In the UK envelopes are sent through the Royal Mail sorting depots and usually go through machine readers. If the machine can’t read the address they’re sorted by hand.


Hi everyone! Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking naughty festive thoughts already? I’ve been making plans for little Christmas baskets with calligraphy tags and labels – and in the process, I’ve put a new range of luggage tags in my Etsy shop for you. They’re perfect for wedding favours, being a little smaller than my usual place name cards, and have a creative little calligraphy swirl in two corners.

luggage tags calligrapher (4)

You can use tags in hundreds of ways at your wedding – I love glass bottles and have a habit of hanging my tags around bottles with twine, lace and other bits and pieces. You can also use them with little pegs on a cork board for your table plan, or attach them to sticks and put them in pies.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at the Pinterest board I made for you! Pinterest – ideas with tags and labels

luggage tags calligrapher (5)


Over the last couple of months I’ve fallen in love with kraft paper and manilla stationery – big time! I blame Pinterest and all the US wedding blogs I subscribe to… where wedding invitations, reception stationery and DIY tutorials are what it’s all about.

kraft lace wedding invite

The Vintage Lace wedding invitation, exclusively from

So today my lovelies I’m sharing my kraft crush (oh dear – I typed that with a k and had to go back and correct it!) with you all. I’ve made a Pinterest board with some favourite ideas and included some of my new calligraphy ideas for you below as well.

manilla wedding place names (1)

Manilla place name tags from £1.40 each with handwritten calligraphy –

Thirty fantastic manilla and kraft wedding ideas on Pinterest

manilla wedding place names (2)

Paper rose wedding place names with manilla card are £2.50 each with your guests’ names in calligraphy –

6 real weddings with wonderfully creative ways to use kraft paper and manilla stationery

  • Bridget and Rob used brown paper bags full of rose petals for their guests instead of confetti in their beautiful Georgia wedding

Indulge me a moment, as I’m wearing my calligraphy hat this morning! I’m so happy and had to share: I found out last week that the very lovely Kirstie Allsopp has a piece of my work displayed in her bathroom. I can’t stop grinning!

calligrapher project for kirstie allsopp

My calligraphy project, commissioned as a Christmas gift for Kirstie Allsopp

Many of you will know I’m a wedding calligrapher – this is my day job, and I write English Wedding Blog in the evenings and at weekends. I also write bespoke calligraphy commissions and have worked with Kirstie and her amazing friend and colleague Jamie on a few calligraphy projects in recent years.

My calligraphy & Kirstie Allsopp’s bathtub!

The photo above was taken in my studio. It’s a vintage telegram which Jamie found for Kirstie. I was hired to write Kirstie’s name in a vintage style script. Jamie called me yesterday and told me the framed piece is displayed in Kirstie’s bathroom… and I’m ever so proud to think of Kirstie Allsopp admiring my calligraphy from her (no doubt gorgeous and vintage) bathtub!


Hello you gorgeous lot! I have a treat for you today – as I’m having an amazing week I am full of the joys of spring (I’m also an optimist haha!) and I wanted to share an exclusive wedding calligraphy offer with English Wedding Blog readers this afternoon.

vintage wedding place names

Vintage wedding place name tags from

I’ve shared a calligraphy blog post about vintage wedding place names on (and explained how all my wedding calligraphy orders come in lovely little packages like presents!).

Exclusive offer for English Wedding Blog readers

I’d like to offer English Wedding Blog readers a 10% discount on orders for these wedding calligraphy place names, and the offer will run until the end of January.

All you need to do is email me (all the information is on the Calligraphy for Weddings website) with your approximate numbers, and let me know which of the place name card styles you’d like. I’ll ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order for any time this year, and when you mention this offer on English Wedding Blog I’ll apply the discount to your entire wedding place names order!