I’m a huge advocate for destination weddings at home, right here in the UK. They’re more sustainable, and still have that spine-tingly excitement of a holiday + wedding. We might not have white sands and melty-hot sunshine, but we have beautiful countryside, amazing landscapes and dreamy locations you can head for!

Inspired by luxury destination wedding planner Michelle at Elegante by Michelle J, here’s a few favourite locations – and tips on having an amazing destination wedding in the UK!

5 great reasons to choose a UK destination wedding

  • Saving the planet
  • Bringing all your guests

I meet the loveliest humans sometimes – and today I’m here to tell you all about somebody who I’ve discovered is especially special! (If that wasn’t already a thing, it needs to be!) It takes a lot to manage a successful wedding business: superhuman dedication; insane organisational skills; creativity and above all kindness, empathy and that certain something which makes someone a real “people person”. When I did a quick introduction to Michelle from Elegante by Michelle J on the English Wedding insta and on our facebook page last week, the replies I got told me a LOT about this amazing lady. The reviews on her website do likewise; and while I haven’t met Michelle in person, I just know she’s something special.