Checklist for if you’re getting married on a really hot day (like you’ll know, but…) fans. Ice lollies. Flip flops (including mens’). And now that’s all clear, here’s a wonderfully authentic Islington wedding to make your eyes and hearts happy. Our friends and London wedding photographers York Place Studios describe it as “streety” – a wedding photography style you may not have heard of until today. Street wedding photography is a rare gem to stumble across on wedding blogs, but amongst wedding photographers it’s the gold standard – and York Place are mindblowingly brilliant in their field. You’ll see…

A relaxed and candid wedding in Islington. The bride and groom wear sunglasses, they're laughing with their friends and the images are authentic and unposed. Photographer credit York Place Studios

How beautiful your wedding looks is kind of a minor detail compared to how much fun you all have. In years to come you’ll remember the laughter, the love, the FEELING of that day more than any pretty piece of decor. That’s the side of Olivia & Elliott’s amazing London wedding we’re sharing here – the overwhelming happiness, the emotions and the sheer joy of a wedding day. They celebrated at TT Liquor Whisky Bar, and London wedding photographers York Place Studios captured the vibe of their wedding BRILLIANTLY.

Olivia & Elliott's epic party of a London wedding at TT Liquor Whisky Bar, with York Place Studios (35)