Wedding gifts are tricky territory. It can feel really uncomfortable asking for money, but a traditional gift list just doesn’t suit everyone. So here’s our suggestion for balance:

Create a list of unique wedding gifts as suggestions for your guests, and make it fun!

By suggesting the gifts you’d like, you’re helping those guests who’d love to give you something special but don’t know where to start. And by including options for smaller contributions you’re helping guests who don’t have as much money, to donate and know they’ve contributed towards something the two of you will love. Of course, the benefit of providing a list is that you’ll (hopefully) end up with NO TAT – which is the ultimate aim when it comes to wedding gift lists!

When we read that weddings are becoming more digital we were intrigued. After all, we’ve just published another blog about unplugged weddings! But even if you ask guests to turn off their phones, you can embrace modern technology to create incredible memories of your day!

Here’s our top 6 tips to embrace digital technology for your 2024 wedding!

1. Polaroid guest book

Splash out on an INSTAX hybrid camera so your guests can print a selfie and write a lovely message in your guest book!