As I snuggle further into my cosiest jumper, it feels sooo good to be bringing you this super cute, cuddly, playful wedding editorial from lovely Katherine and her Camera. We have all the most adorable furry people, a glorious bouquet by Hampshire Wedding Club member Luvshifting, and a wonderfully alternative bridal look to share with you today. Sooo many ideas for including your pooches on your wedding day – you will LOVE this!

[I guess it has to be said: involve your dog if she or he will love crowds, noise and doggy wedding outfits! If not, find an amazing sitter for your pooch to spend the day with instead!]

So I thought we’d have a little fun feature today with a quiz about sustainable weddings… will yours score high as a space rocket or low as a daisy growing in a field? Play along – note your answers as you go, and we’ll give you your score at the end! Good luck!

Header image credit Katherine and her Camera – feature coming next week!

1. Are your invitations…

a) printed on FSC or recycled card
b) printed but not recycled
c) purely online