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So I thought we’d have a little fun feature today with a quiz about sustainable weddings… will yours score high as a space rocket or low as a daisy growing in a field? Play along – note your answers as you go, and we’ll give you your score at the end! Good luck!

Header image credit Katherine and her Camera – feature coming next week!

1. Are your invitations…

a) printed on FSC or recycled card
b) printed but not recycled
c) purely online

2. Is your wedding venue…

a) a hotel or stately home
b) a farm or barn
c) in another country
d) an eco venue – it’s why we chose it!

3. How far will most of your guests be travelling?

a) less than 20 miles
b) 20 – 100 miles
c) more than 100 miles

4. What’s on your wedding menu?

a) just a normal wedding meal (with meat)
b) plant based meals, mainly
c) meat, but locally sourced and organic

5. Will your wedding flowers be…

a) faux or alternative (e.g. paper or brooch bouquet)

b) imported or mixed
c) locally grown, seasonal or dried

6. How’s everyone getting to the reception?

a) in individual cars
b) on foot
c) in a bus / shared transport

7. Is your dress…

a) real vintage or preloved
b) made from sustainable fabric (ie peace silk)
c) none of the above

8. How long’s your guest list?

a) fewer than 10
b) 10 – 50 people
c) more than 50
d) more than 100!

9. Will the guys’ suits be…

a) hired
b) made by a local tailor
c) bought online or on the high street

10. And are you asking for gifts?

a) cash! (eg honeymoon fund)
b) stuff! (eg gift registry)
c) charity

Bonus round!

Extra points if you’re having…

a) balloons
b) fireworks
c) pot plants
d) candles
e) compost toilets only
f) vintage cars

Work out your score!

1. Your invitations: a) 2 points | b) 3 points | c) 1 point
2. Your wedding venue… a) 2 points | b) 1 point | c) 5 points | d) 0 points
3. And your guests’ travelling… a) 1 point | b) 2 points | c) 3 points
4. Your wedding menu a) 3 points | b) 0 points | c) 2 points
5. Your wedding flowers a) 2 points | b) 2 points | c) 1 point
6. Reception transport a) 3 points | b) 0 points | c) 2 points
7. Your dress… a) 2 points | b) 1 point | c) 3 points
8. Your guest list? a) 0 points | b) 1 point | c) 2 points | d) 5 points
9. The guys’ suits a) 2 points | b) 1 point | c) 3 points
10. Your gifts a) 2 points | b) 3 points | c) 0 points

Bonus round! Don’t forget your extra points for
a) 3 points
b) 10 points
c) Minus 2 points
d) 3 points – unless they’re soy candles, then you get -3 points!
e) really?! Minus 10 points, you legend you!
f) 5 points

How did you do?

0 – 15 points

Yay! You’re an eco superstar and you’ve taken amazing steps to minimise the impact of your wedding. We salute you!

16 – 21 points

You’re doing brilliantly – well done! A few more little changes can make all the difference – keep doing what you’re doing, and as you plan your day stay aware of any changes you can make from here!

22 – 30 points

Awareness is a huge deal – by doing our quiz you’ve shown you care. THANK YOU! On February 8th we’ll be publishing a blog post with tips to help you make your wedding more sustainable. Don’t miss it – I think you’ll find some amazing ideas in there!

More than 30 points

You said yes to fireworks, didn’t you!!!… or was it the emissions from your vintage camper van that tipped our scale? Not to worry – there are plenty of ways to have a more sustainable wedding, and we’re sharing our best ideas on February 8th. Don’t forget to come back for more!

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