That joy of connection to loved ones never felt stronger than just after the pandemic. I know we haven’t lost that sense of belonging, and of celebrating all of the amazing people around us. So here’s an incredible wedding from Camden: Eleanor and Phillip’s day began at Islington Town Hall, followed by food and drink at La Farola.

I was chatting to lovely Emma from Emma Jane Events back in January(!), and explaining what I do as a wedding blogger. I was smiling my little head off when I said the thing I love most is having an inbox full of gorgeous photos every day – and today’s welcome for Ellie Gillard is the perfect example of how all those amazing wedding pics make me grin! I may have just spent the best part of an hour gazing at Ellie’s blog (her photos are just incredible). LOVE my job!

Handfasting style wedding ceremony in the sunshine. The bride wears a simple modern halter neck dress. With Ellie Gillard Photography

Chloe & James, Rumbolds Farm wedding, by Ellie Gillard Photography

A wedding isn’t about finding THE dress and spending more on it than anything else. It’s not about the perfect colour palette, or about spending months crafting decorations or personal keepsakes for all of your guests. (Although all of those things can be fun and lovely if that’s what you choose to do!) But really, a wedding is ALL about love, and it’s about family, and joy, and celebration. It’s about sharing that moment when the two of you decided to take on the world together, for ever. And yes, you can do that with just the two of you, or in a micro wedding with just a handful of the people you love most of all in the world. Or you can share it with 50 people, or 500. Never listen to anyone who tells you what your wedding ‘should’ be – because all it needs to be is YOURS.