Good morning, beautiful! I hope you’ve had the loveliest of weekends. I taught a really relaxed and fun calligraphy class in Manchester on Friday – the sweetest bunch of students and so talented I was barely needed! Then a weekend at Lancaster music festival… it’s been a fun one, but boy am I sleepy this morning! Today’s wedding though… oh this has brightened my heart already. It’s perfect. Beautiful bride Beth married her handsome hubby Lewis in Wales, styling their day with simple white and green touches – and bridesmaids in trouser suits kicking up a storm!! I just love this and know you will too. Thank you to our wonderful friend and sponsor, Hensol Castle wedding photographer Martin Dabek for sending us such a stunning wedding to share!

A brilliant review for Martin Dabek Photography at Hensol Castle, by Beth and Lewis (17)

Wedding photographer’s website:


Lewis was an usher at his friend’s wedding a few years back and recommended Martin. Lewis is a bit camera shy but said he barely noticed Martin was taking any photos at all. His unobtrusive, in-the-moment approach was exactly what we were looking for.


The title for today’s real wedding on the blog is thoroughly deserved. Breathtaking – in that the florals literally stopped me in my tracks, they’re so beautifully chosen and arranged by bride Donna. She has a wonderful instinct and talent with flowers – so get those Pinterest boards ready, because the vibrant blooms in today’s wedding are about to blow your mind!

Stunning vibrant florals for a Welsh wedding with Jake Morley Photography (17)

Donna is beautiful and then some. With Nick by her side she’s absolutely radiant: they make the loveliest couple – they spent their wedding day smiling and their photos throughout the day are just divine, with some stunning shots over the Welsh hills.

Stunning vibrant florals for a Welsh wedding with Jake Morley Photography (41)
Colour was important as I’m a designer and a florist. It was a flowery explosion of colour with glam rose gold accents in a country house. Flowers were the main decoration other than table plan, table runners etc we worked with the beautiful venue and embellished on top of it. Icing on the cake as I say. All the elements just worked perfectly.


So today is the day I’ve decided to wear a red dress when I get married. I’ll have to un-blue my hair a little, but it will be so worth it. I just love how incredible Liz looks in this red dress. She is absolutely captivating, beautiful – everything a bride should be and then some. And the colour flows through the entire day with pretty florals and accents of red dotted around the decor and styling for this beautiful Pencoed House wedding. Definitely one of my favourite weddings of the year, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

A beautiful bride in red, Cardiff wedding inspiration from Hannah Miles Photography (31)

The flowers were amazing and created with such love. My mum did them and she spent months gathering small vases from charity shops to build up colour collections. Some flowers were from a florist, but others we picked together.

A beautiful bride in red, Cardiff wedding inspiration from Hannah Miles Photography (14)
A beautiful bride in red, Cardiff wedding inspiration from Hannah Miles Photography (16)


Have you ever considered a destination wedding in the UK? Gathering up your nearest and dearest and spending a weekend somewhere beautiful, idyllic and romantic? There are so many spots you could discover and get married in without having to fly / transport all your wedding bits & pieces overseas – and lovely Tyn Dwr Hall is one.

I would love to travel more, to adventure to far-flung countries like some of my photographer friends do. It makes me smile to see my calligraphy heading to Australia, Norway, Italy, the States and Japan while I write away in my little home office! But I love the land I’m lucky enough to live in, and I’d always choose a UK destination to say my vows.

Serenity wedding invitation from £3 on Etsy

So it’s with a happy heart I want to introduce you to one of Wales’s most beautiful venues today. As often happens, I’m following my calligraphy’s journey – I wrote on Amy Swann‘s beautiful stationery designs earlier this year, and the lovely people at Tyn Dwr asked for samples to showcase on their open day.


Today’s bride Lucy is stunning, she has the most amazing smile. The bouquet caught my eye straight away, it’s just insanely pretty – and I love love love their style and all the special little touches. Sam’s look is perfect for a modern wedding (grooms, take note!) and for a village hall this is just blindingly beautiful! I wish I got more real wedding submissions from Wales…

Welsh fine art wedding photography Emma Pilkington on the English Wedding Blog (28)

Images are by lovely fine art wedding photographer Emma Pilkington, who you can discover more from here:


Welsh fine art wedding photography Emma Pilkington on the English Wedding Blog (35)

My bouquet was by Charlotte from Verity and Thyme and the rest I (and my uni girls) did . The bridesmaids and all decorative flowers were done by us the day before. My bouquet was SO lovely – charlotte had seen a handful of inspirational images from me and created the most perfect blooms!

Welsh fine art wedding photography Emma Pilkington on the English Wedding Blog (11)


Beautiful Trearddur Bay wedding blog with York Place Studios photography (43)

Every wedding I see is a story: a tale of two people – surrounded by dozens of people who love them – declaring their love and celebrating it with every fibre of their beings. Today’s gorgeous wedding blog is all about the story, and you’re about to share the very best moments from Helen and Rich’s best day ever. There are lots – because the party is what it’s all about. These guys really did have the time of their lives…

Beautiful Trearddur Bay wedding blog with York Place Studios photography (16)

Images are by the all-kinds-of-amazing York Place Studios. They’re Yorkshire-based wedding photographers & videographers, and you can discover them here…

Contact & Bookings: York Place Studios


Beautiful Trearddur Bay wedding blog with York Place Studios photography (48)Beautiful Trearddur Bay wedding blog with York Place Studios photography (55)Beautiful Trearddur Bay wedding blog with York Place Studios photography (57)

Our gorgeous couple celebrated at the Boathouse Hotel, Trearddur Bay, in Anglesey. I do love the little details, and today’s wedding blog is no exception: the little boats, the cake, Helen’s stunning dress, the flowers… but I’ve also come to appreciate that top hats look best on the dancefloor, and that a massive part of any wedding story takes place after the sun goes down!


Good morning my beautiful blog readers! It’s been a heady whirl of technical wizardry here at English Wedding Blog HQ this morning… and I’m thrilled I can finally bring you today’s real Welsh wedding! James and Sarah’s day is more than beautiful. It’s full of ideas for the most amazing summer wedding flowers, and delicate DIY touches which bring the theme together with such amazing character and style.

September wedding Ebristock Boat Inn on the English Wedding Blog (23)

I adore the flowers. Sarah told me “I put complete faith in Laura and her team to deliver on the day and the end result was so beautiful! I still can’t believe how amazing they were when they only had my description to go on. I am so grateful to everyone there… I knew I wanted sunflowers and daisies and a lot of different, warm colours. I didn’t want a colour theme for the wedding to help it look more rustic and ‘oldy-worldy’. I also explained to Laura that I wanted the flowers to look like they had been ‘handpicked from an Autumn country garden’ and I think she really delivered on this.”


Elinor – beautiful, stunning bride and super stylish lady! – told me she never wanted her wedding day to end. She married Nick at lovely Hendre Hall a few weeks ago, and I’m so thrilled to be able to share their day with you lovely blog readers today.

Elinor and Nick's pretty rustic wedding at Hendre Hall in Wales images by Tony Fanning Photography (21)

Friends and family “ambushed” Elinor’s plans for dressing the venue the day before the wedding… and did the most amazing job turning a blank canvas into a really exciting and pretty space which Elinor and Nick really loved. How sweet is that?!
Elinor and Nick's pretty rustic wedding at Hendre Hall in Wales images by Tony Fanning Photography (25)

Their day was relaxed with a touch of rustic charm and a focus on fabulous food with an amazing party atmosphere. I love how Nick and Elinor keep smiling all day long… they make my wedding blog look fantastic! 🙂

Elinor and Nick's pretty rustic wedding at Hendre Hall in Wales images by Tony Fanning Photography (35)

Huge thanks to lovely Tony Fanning Photography for sharing all the images with us today. Tony is based in North Wales and shoots weddings around the country. You can find out all about him here:


Hey lovelies! Happy Sunday 🙂 Today I’m so happy to be sharing Rachel and Daniel’s castle wedding from North Wales. They opted for a very traditional wedding style which perfectly fits their incredible venue – and I know there are lots of you reading who are planning an elegant, classic wedding so I wanted to share this with you today.


Rachel has written a great wedding report at the end of today’s feature, full of advice and styling ideas. Do take the time to read it after you’ve scrolled through all of the lovely images by Darren Williams Photography.

I know you’ll agree Rachel is a truly stunning bride and her bridal style is just beautiful! Together with Daniel she looks radiant – and their adorable little boy still almost steals the show! Watch out for him – he’s such a cutie! Enjoy!
claire gould calligrapher signature

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Our wedding report: Daniel and Rachel

Wedding photographer’s website:

Darren Williams

Were you pleased with your wedding photographer?

More than we could describe!! He was incredible in every way.


I’ll never tire of the pretty sparkle of fairy lights – I’ve had mine up at English Wedding Blog HQ since Christmas and yes, I turn them on all the time! Vicky and Gavin decorated Trevor Barn with bunting and fairy lights for their vintage inspired wedding and when I saw the pictures I fell in love. Life should be this pretty all the time!

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (1)Lovely Jade Osborne Photography sent me her images of their day, from the bridal preparations to the groom’s delight (see the photos!) as he saw the yellow Robin Reliant arrive to take him to the wedding… and then on to the reception.

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (2)

I’ve included more images of the ceremony than usual, simply because there’s such a charming sequence of images as Vicky arrives and Gavin’s nerves – and tears – being to show! I love the moment where he sees his beautiful bride and smiles: it’s always wonderful and to me this moment says, “so long as you’re by my side everything will be ok”.

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (3)


Last Sunday evening was pretty special here at the English Wedding Blog – I asked for help to build up my lists of weddings by UK county and region, and the response from wedding photographers was fantastic. Today’s real wedding on the blog is all the way from North Wales – Hayley and Mark had their reception at Northop Hall, and their wedding photographer Darren Williams has kindly allowed me to share their day with you all.

North Wales wedding blog by Darren Williams Photography (16)

See more Welsh weddings on the blog by visiting English-Wedding.com/category/Welsh-wedding or use the new menu at the top of your screen to scroll through the counties and regions to find real weddings in your area!

North Wales wedding blog by Darren Williams Photography (10)This is a beautiful wedding which I hope will inspire you. Hayley and Mark used soft yellows as an accent colour for their day, and carried the yellow theme through from the bridal bouquet and buttonholes to their orders of service and on-the-day stationery. I think yellow is a wonderful colour for a September wedding, don’t you? Enjoy!
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Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all safe and my heart goes out to those of you affected by flooding today. We had some of the worst gales here yesterday, but it’s much calmer now here on the west coast. Now – if you haven’t seen me sneak peeking this wedding on the English Wedding facebook page, where’ve you been?! I’ve struggled to hold back on sharing all the beautiful images and ideas with you.

rustic Powys wedding Pixies in the Cellar (7)

Clare and Ian are just incredible. Their wedding is breathtaking! The rustic styling is beautiful and colourful, with gorgeous DIY touches throughout. Clare looks stunning and Ian and all the guys look great in sand coloured suits – perfect for the rustic theme. There are so many gorgeous things to watch out for, I think you should grab a cuppa and at least one biscuit and settle down to enjoy this one properly.

rustic Powys wedding Pixies in the Cellar (8)