Where on earth do I start with this wedding? I love it. I love everything about it: the surprise, the style, the laid-back bride and groom and their family….
wedding photo by Sam Clayton (21)
…the delight – and shock! – on guests’ faces; the handmade and gorgeously swooshy wedding dress. Trudie says she was voted “the scruffiest girl in school” and wanted to carry on the tradition… but she, and her dress, look amazing.

I want this wedding to be mine!

For now I’ll leave you with one of my favourite ever wedding reports, which is by Jason and Trudie – and with images of a truly wonderful, unique and spectacular wedding day by wedding photographer Sam Clayton. (When I jumped at the chance to feature such a creative wedding Sam told me, “Trudie & Jason will be thrilled. They thought their wedding wouldn’t be of much interest!” To which, all I can respond is “Pah!”)

See what you think…

wedding photo by Sam Clayton (43)
wedding photo by Sam Clayton (42)Planning a surprise wedding!

“Our wedding was on the 25th of June, the day following Trudie’s 40th birthday.


wedding photography by Chris Hanley (13)Katie’s wedding report captures the romance of her wedding to Chris in December. She told me about being whisked off with her new husband for some special wedding photos: “It felt so romantic – as if we were in a love scene from a movie”!

I just can’t decide if the movie I’m seeing in these beautiful wedding photos is James Bond, Narnia or a vintage Hollywood treasure… perhaps a magical balance of all three. Regardless: the screenplay is magnificent, the stars are every director’s dream – and the story a timeless romance to play on your heartstrings.wedding photography by Chris Hanley (1)The very beautiful Katie and Chris were married at Margam Park Orangery – a wedding venue with a rich history and one of the most prestigious in Wales. The architecture is a deliciously extravagant backdrop for outstanding wedding photography – a backdrop Katie and Chris look born to enjoy.

There are details in this most incredible winter wedding which will inspire you: crystals glisten and snowflakes sparkle; Katie’s delectable vintage bouquet of brooches and crystals, flowers and twinkling accessories is simply out of this world – and she made it herself!


wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (11)In part two of Adam and Angela’s Chester wedding blog we meet the carnival crowds – and stars of the day! – as our brave bride and groom traverse the ancient city streets in their horse-drawn carriage.

wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (10)As if that weren’t enough adventure for one wedding day, the couple also arranged for a tour bus to take them through Chester with their wedding guests to enjoy the parades!

Enjoy the rest of Angela’s wedding report along with images by Cheshire’s CG Weddings!

Chester carnival wedding day

wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (4)“Our wedding, unusually, had the added complication of a horse drawn carriage and heritage tour bus needing to traverse Chester city centre when most of the roads that day had been closed for the ‘Chestival’ parades.

wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (5)In the end the hotel staff at the Grosvenor worked extremely hard liaising with the police and the council to ensure our carriage and tour bus had the special permissions needed.


wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (28)Angela and Adam chose the busiest day in Chester’s calendar for their wedding – but it’s a day they’ll never forget, giant papier-mache people and all!

The Chester Grosvenor pulled out all the stops to make sure the bride and groom, their horse and carriage and the open-top bus could navigate the (otherwise closed!) roads to the hotel amidst the carnival crowds – and it makes for a spectacular wedding blog post – or two!…

I’ll share this in two parts – with words by Angela and photos by Chester wedding photographers CG Weddings. Enjoy!

wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (31)The bridal shoes were a bargain: £40 bought from an online shop on eBay!

wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (30)The (very heavy!) tiara was wired with Swarovski crystals and a few artificial pearls.

wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (29)“I suppose every bride has the same sentiment but it was truly the most happy and special day of my life.


Bristol wedding blog photo (25)I’m watching the rugby with Gareth as I type, so I can’t say Bodkin out loud. But I want to: what a wonderfully English-sounding name for a wedding venue! “Bodkin”. It’s from Middle English and means dagger, according to Wiktionary! Not enough? Jane Austen once stayed at this Bristol inn, according to the wedding venue website. She scrawled her name on the window with a diamond ring – “fashionably”, so I understand!

Laura and Nathan’s glorious wedding lives up to the quality and elegance you’d expect, not just from The Bodkin wedding venue (oh I love it!) but also from Martin Pemberton Photography. I’m delighted to feature such a beautifully photographed wedding on my blog for you today.

And last but not least, Laura and Nathan. We have a beautiful bride – a delicate beauty with flowers in her hair – and a handsome groom (watch out for Nathan’s beaming smiles throughout the day – he looks so proud to be a married man)!

Laura’s written a wedding report for you – so over to the bride!


Temple Gregory real wedding in Hampshire (30)
This morning my little typing fingers have been sat quietly – I was stuck! Where to start with this gorgeous Hampshire wedding day… the breathtaking wedding photography by Elton Mogg (staircase… flowers…) or beautiful bride Hayley (swirling around in her dress with all the bridesmaids – magic!) – the elegance of the wedding venue (Rivervale Barn) or maybe the wedding dress itself (a wonderfully girly, swishy beautiful Sassi Holford gown).

Temple Gregory real wedding in Hampshire (40)Beckie Gregory – the lovely lady behind Temple Gregory wedding planners in London and Hampshire – showed me some of the photos from Hayley and David’s wedding late last year – and I loved them. This is like supreme glamour in weddings: the most exquisite, luxurious, beautiful everything you can see on a wedding blog.

Temple Gregory real wedding in Hampshire (41)I jumped at the chance to feature the wedding day on English Wedding. I’ll leave you to admire the glorious images by Elton Mogg (whose name I see time and again in the wedding press and top UK wedding blogs like Rock My Wedding and Love My Dress blog). Today’s beautiful bride Hayley has shared a wedding report with you… enjoy!


Imagine winning your dream wedding dress! For today’s bride Abi, that dream came true: she entered a competition with her biscuit based proposal story and won! Today I’m handing over English Wedding blog to Abi to share that story and her wonderful wedding report with you – along with photography by PH Weddings.

Grab a cuppa – it’s the loveliest story and you’ll be here for a while!

Abi and Chris – a real wedding in Yorkshire

wedding photo by PH Weddings (35)


wedding photography by Martyn Norsworthy (20)The best English weddings are full of charm which comes right from your heart: Dan and Holly’s day is a special one. Holly’s wedding report describes how she woke up at 5am on the wedding day morning bursting with excitement – “the kind you get on Christmas day when you are a child!”

So how could I resist sharing this lovely wedding full of DIY touches and great ideas with you. It’s everything you’d imagine for a countryside wedding and bundles more: there’s bunting by the mile, and as an extra treat we have a vintage tractor and of course the adorable Peanuts the pony!

wedding photography by Martyn Norsworthy (27)

The wedding photography is by Martyn Norsworthy, who captures all those details and the beautiful bride with her handsome groom so well.

Holly & Dan’s countryside wedding

wedding photography by Martyn Norsworthy (26)“I stayed at my parents’ house the night before the wedding and awoke at 5am full of excitement-the kind you get on Christmas day when you are a child! The weather looked ok so I got up and finished putting some finishing touches to the garden and marquee-within half an hour it was raining so had go and collect everything in again!


real wedding blog at Eshott Hall (26)Elegance and glamour with a retro twist never looked so good… today I’m sharing Becky and Ben’s gorgeous wedding day from Eshott Hall in Northumberland. Ben is a very cool and dashing groom; I adore Becky’s glamorous style, her hair and make up and the charm and class of the entire wedding day.

real wedding blog at Eshott Hall (24)The setting is captured just as beautifully by wedding photographer Alison Groves (who I was lucky enough to meet just a few weeks ago: she’s a lovely lady as you’ll see from Becky and Ben’s own testimonial at the end of this wedding blog).

There’s a lot to inspire in this real wedding feature: little details done gracefully, a theme created with style and personality. Watch out for the dancing and singing towards the end, with some of my favourite photos from the day (and unlike any I’ve shared on this wedding blog before, I think!)

real wedding blog at Eshott Hall (23)

I’ll hand over to Becky, who wrote a wedding report and shared her supplier recommendations; and to Alison Groves for the beautiful wedding photography. Enjoy!


Yesterday I think English Springer Spaniel Tess – Emma’s ‘chief bridesmaid’ – stole the show. Today I’ll bring you back down to earth with a wedding blog about Emma and Will’s exquisite marquee reception… I say down to earth, but shall we start with the helicopter?

Or… where yesterday’s wedding blog post ‘left off’?… as Emma and Will walked away from the church, happily married and smiling – to a nearby field where their helicopter was waiting.

Emma and Will: part two – the wedding reception

Will and I walked down the country lane and opposite was the fabulous navy blue helicopter, complete with champagne on ice.

It was really fantastic to see our guests all lined up and waving us off. The flight was fantastic and we had a wonderful view of our beautiful wedding venue as we landed, again with all our guests waiting to welcome us in.


… and why not! Ah – I love this wedding for loads of reasons. Emma and Will are both so gorgeous and look the perfect couple. The wedding photography is fabulous. The details are perfect – Emma and Will organised their wedding themselves and did an amzing job of it too.

But this is a wedding with a difference: the adorable springer spaniel Tess – Emma’s ‘chief bridesmaid’ and clearly a character loved by everyone there. I can’t help grinning every time I scan through the photos as Tess goes from happy excitement to flopping lazily onto her side in the middle of the aisle for the beautiful church service.

Emma has written a lovely wedding report and I’ll leave you to enjoy that along with the photos by Tino and Pip – which I love.


photography by Geoff Reardon (21)Everyone wants to know who will photograph a wedding photographer’s wedding. I featured Alice and Jamie’s wedding on the blog yesterday, with pictures by lovely Jean-Luc Benazet.

I can’t quite remember how I found out about Jean-Luc’s own wedding to the beautiful Liza, but I was delighted to see they’d chosen Geoff Reardon to be their wedding photographer.
Jean-Luc and Liza have written their wedding report to share with you, and the images of their wedding day are breathtaking – so I’ll leave you in their capable hands to enjoy today’s wedding blog.

photography by Geoff Reardon (26)

Cambridge College wedding blog: Liza and Jean-Luc Benazet

photography by Geoff Reardon (25)

Liza had two beautiful dresses for the distinct parts of the wedding day. In the morning she wore this Monsoon Fusion summer dress with Irregular Choice shoes from Schuh. For the afternoon blessing & reception she wore Victoria Jane by Ronald Joyce (Sable 17014 ivory) bought from Karen Forte in Bassingbourn with shoes from Monsoon, a bracelet and hair accessories from Accessorize and necklace from Ernest Jones.