Morning! I hope you’re having a lovely day! I’m plotting and planning for another exciting weekend by the seaside, but in the meantime I have some really inspiring weddings to show you this week. Kirsty and Luke’s big day is all about the big city – with a London wedding theme in their fab and quirky table stationery, and lots of very cool details. A more gorgeous and generous couple I’ve yet to see! I love these two!

London wedding by Cecelina Photography (4)

Kirsty and Luke chose Cecelina Photography to capture their day on camera. I love Cecelina’s story: she grew up in Sweden and came to London a few years ago. With little more than her beloved camera she has built a life here and is following her dream of being a photographer. What a wonderful adventure!

Kirsty’s wedding report has a mega list of other wedding suppliers she recommends – and this is something I really love to see. Wedding blogs are all about helping you, lovely readers! When Kirsty said to me, “We would love it if you could mention all of them as they all played a big part in our day. However, if you can’t please let us know…” I was delighted. The more the merrier, if you ask me!


Amina got up at 5am to collect her wedding flowers from the wholesaler: little flowers like lavender, rosemary, pink peonies, roses, baby’s breath… made into bouquets by the bridal party on the morning of the wedding. And they’re so very beautiful.

Yorkshire wedding (4)

Ben and Amina married at Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire (which they hired for the weekend). Their special touches are fabulous: from the flowers to the beautiful hand-torn reception stationery.

But what I love most of all is the anticipation running up to the ceremony – Ben’s expectant glance upstairs to see his bride, and the romance in the portrait photos and during the first dance. This one’s an absolute cracker! You will love it. Enjoy the wedding report from Amina and photos by Sansom Photography!

Yorkshire wedding (1)

Ben and Amina’s vintage English & French country chic wedding

Yorkshire wedding (2)
Yorkshire wedding (3)

Who proposed, and how?

We were doing a long distance relationship at that time, Ben lived in Leeds and I lived in London so our weekends were precious. On one of our weekends in London just over a year ago Ben proposed at the top of the Oxo Tower.
Yorkshire wedding (5)
Yorkshire wedding (6)


What a strange coincidence: I have two weddings in the space of a single week where the grooms sing an Oasis number at the reception – totally unrelated, but there’s definitely a taste of “rock n roll star” in the air this week!

Wedding blog Billie and Matt Photography (1)

Before I start curling my lip and drawing out every last syllable, on this blog post, I’ll tell you more about the wedding. This one is simple, elegant and guaranteed to make you smile. Yasmin & Darren Forrester were married at Turkey Mill in Kent, and chose Billie and Matt Photography to capture their day on camera.

It’s a beautiful celebration and the love and laughter are what weddings are all about. Enjoy. x
Billie and Matt Photography (2)
Billie and Matt Photography
Billie and Matt Photography
Wedding blog Billie and Matt Photography (5)

Who proposed, and how?

It was on the 22 September 2011. We were on a sunset cruise off the coast of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. After seeing a rainbow and a school of dolphins following our boat we both witnessed the most amazing sunset. Once the sun went down Darren went onto one knee and made me the happiest girl ever.


Sean and Rachel had a very personal Cotswolds wedding – a quiet registry office trip followed by the most gorgeous party and perfect ceremony at a private country manor house in the Cotswolds.

rustic wedding blog photography (1)

The family vicar officiated in the afternoon; Rachel and Sean did their own readings and made speeches. They had a high tea for guests in the morning, and the afternoon reception carried on until the early hours!

I love this. The styling of the day is wonderfully relaxed, colourful and rustic. The way Sean and Rachel planned their day is inspiring. Their story of the wedding day explains it all – read, enjoy and get inspired by this wonderful Cotswolds wedding.

With thanks also to Ruth from Finesse Planning for telling me about the wedding, and to wedding photographer Dafydd Hughes for the beautiful photos.

rustic wedding blog photography (31)

Rachel and Sean’s rustic Cotswolds wedding

rustic wedding blog photography (6)

Who proposed, and how?

Sean proposed in the gardens just below the Piazza de Michelangelo in Florence, whilst on holiday. Down on one knee, sun setting. It was breath-taking and totally unexpected!
rustic wedding blog photography (2)


I use the word ‘awesome’ in honour of today’s beautiful bride. Amanda hails from America – she came back to England with groom Sam to marry in the middle of Cambridge. The wedding has flavours of American tradition – watch out for the wedding cake face-squishing! – and the most wonderful English setting and details. Loving those top hats!

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (7)

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (8)

Awesome also refers to the photography – and in the English use of the word: awe inspiring. I’ve started with a night time shot, so this blog feature is all upside down and backwards… but Chris Hanley‘s photography is breathtaking, is it not?! While I have your full attention, let me introduce Amanda and Sam who’ve written their wedding story to share with you on the blog today. Congratulations to you both, and thank you so much for making English Wedding Blog so incredibly gorgeous today!

Everyone else – enjoy. x

A beautiful Cambridge wedding: Sam & Amanda

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (35)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (34)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (33)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (32)


Every real wedding submission for English Wedding Blog has something that leaps out at me – and with Louise and Chris’s big day it’s the sentiment of what the wedding day meant to this very special couple.

Tierney Photography Sheffield

Yes, there are gorgeous details. But this wedding isn’t all about styling and decor. It’s a very personal celebration; very Yorkshire! Chris told me for him the personal touches really made the day sparkle, and also Louise’s words about her wedding dress – which she never loved – bring everything into perspective.

Of course she looked absolutely stunning in her Augusta Jones dress, but for today when we talk about ‘The One‘ in the context of a wedding blog… it’s especially nice that it means the groom. 🙂

I would heartily recommend a cup of Yorkshire tea with today’s real wedding, and in your best china. You’ll see why… Enjoy!

Tierney Photography Sheffield


Amanda and Anton had two wedding receptions and mixed vintage wedding ideas from two cultures to create two of the most memorable days of their lives!

Vintage wedding Thrumpton Hall Lifeline Photography (1)

Today’s vintage wedding blog with an Italian twist will inspire many of you I’m sure. There’s beauty in the details: soft, elegant and classy vintage roses, table decorations and styling (not to mention Amanda’s stunning wedding dress and Anton’s super classy suit).

There’s also a real atmosphere of celebration. As Amanda told me, “Italian weddings are all about sharing good food with your family and friends” – and there’s a link at the end of this page where you can see much more of their wedding.

Vintage wedding Thrumpton Hall Lifeline Photography (2)

The lovely couple chose Hannah of Lifeline Photography to capture their vintage wedding on camera, and she did a beautiful job. I first met Hannah at top wedding photographer Chris Hanley’s enchanting and creative studio space near Manchester, the Riverside Studios, and I can tell you as well as being passionate about her wedding photography she’s also a really gorgeous and lovely and genuine lady. She photographs weddings all around the Nottingham area – so get in touch! (Read this first though 🙂


Vintage, elegant, classic… there are too many ways I could describe Steven and Jamie-Emma’s Lancashire wedding. I love their story, their passion and their obvious love for their family and friends.

Lancashire wedding blog photography (5)

I also love Jamie’s wedding corset and skirt; I love the teacups and birdcages, the vintage table plan. I love how beautiful Jamie is, and I love the look on her mum’s face as much as I love the laughter and the hug for the little boy after what I hear was the best speech of the day.

Jamie and Ste have written their own wedding report, so I will leave you to read that (and it’s worth spending a few minutes having a real, proper read of this one I promise!) and to admire the lovely and sensitive images taken by contemporary Lancashire wedding photographer Anurag Sharma (Shutterleaf Photography). Let’s kick off with a few engagement photos though, simply because these are gorgeous! (And I miss sunshine!)

Lancashire wedding blog photography (1)


The beautiful English countryside, sweet peas and foxgloves, a lace wedding dress and croquet on the lawn. Could Lisa and Rob’s wedding be any more perfect for this blog? They chose Homme House and photographer Gemma Williams for their Herefordshire wedding, which has some of the prettiest detail ideas and I’m so pleased to be able to share them with you!

Herefordshire wedding blog (48)
Herefordshire wedding blog (47)
Herefordshire wedding blog (46)

The bride and groom: Lisa and Rob

Who proposed, and how? Rob proposed in Jervis Bay (Australia), by surprising me with a weekend away. We stayed in a beautiful “luxury” campsite, which included showering under the stars!

Wedding venue: Coddington Church, Homme House for Reception

Wedding photographer: Gemma Williams – www.gemmawilliamsphotography.co.uk

How would you describe your wedding style? Idyllic English countryside
Herefordshire wedding blog (45)
Herefordshire wedding blog (44)
Herefordshire wedding blog (43)
Herefordshire wedding blog (42)
Herefordshire wedding blog (41)
Herefordshire wedding blog (40)
Herefordshire wedding blog (39)
Herefordshire wedding blog (38)
Herefordshire wedding blog (37) By wedding photographer Gemma Williams:

“Lisa & Rob now live in Australia, but returned to Herefordshire for their wedding in July. Lisa had arranged everything from Oz, and they only returned to the UK a couple of days before the wedding for the last minute preparations. They had done an amazing job, as their wedding day went absolutely perfectly!


I think a lovely summer wedding is just what we need! (I’ve been up for hours and my blogging fingers are freeezing this morning.) So I’m sharing Sarah and Nathan’s rustic, countryside wedding which is full of lovely ideas for your own big day.

countryside wedding blog oxfordshire (18)

We’re talking delicious blue cornflowers and big white daisy bouquets. There are dinky little jam jars with ribbon and flowers. I love the wedding signs, the rustic wedding post box, heart decorations and ice cream selection: Mmm… breakfast! (it’s OK, I live by the seaside. We’re allowed to do that here.)

Sarah and Nathan’s wedding day has two sides. The details are sweet and easy to recreate for your own wedding – with lots of impact and a really fresh, vibrant countryside wedding feel. But the moments between the bride and groom are magical as well: the little glances and big smiles are what a wedding day is all about. Gorgeous. Enjoy!

countryside wedding blog oxfordshire (1)

Thank you to beautiful bride Sarah for the wedding report below. Wedding photography is by Peagreen Photography, Oxfordshire
countryside wedding blog oxfordshire (2)


It’s going to be a beautiful day. I’ve woken up this morning feeling happy and excited about the real wedding I’m about to share with you. Genny and Jon’s marquee wedding at home is just wonderful and I know you’ll love it.

marquee wedding by Brett Symes (44)

The overall tone of their wedding day is countryside charm with elegant touches. Genny’s wedding dress begins the day pristine and then meets a field… there’s plenty of laughter with some adorable cheeky faces during the wedding ceremony and reception. The raindrops make this one a beautiful English wedding – the weather becomes a part of the day in these lovely images you’re about to see. Genny and Jon chose Bristol wedding photographer Brett Symes to photograph their marquee wedding at home – he’s fantastic.

I’ll leave you with Genny and Jon’s wedding report and with the images from Brett to enjoy. Have a wonderful morning everyone! Claire x
marquee wedding by Brett Symes (2)

Genny and Jon’s marquee wedding at home

marquee wedding by Brett Symes (3)
marquee wedding by Brett Symes (4)
marquee wedding by Brett Symes (5)


Today’s real wedding is a super cool celebration at luxury 5-star hotel Andaz. Nicola and Antony used coloured glass bottles and simple, modern flowers to create an eclectic wedding look in their chic city venue.

Eclectic wedding Andaz London (23)

Nicola opted for a bespoke wedding dress, based on her own design and created by Miss Bush Bridal Wear in Ripley. It’s stunning – and Nicola’s glowing review of her wedding dressmaking experience is great to read.

Nicola and Antony’s flowers were white tulips. Antony made a fantastic table plan with vintage frames which I love! Other detail ideas include little chocolate moustache lollipops and post cards as a wedding guest book alternative. Ready to dive into this one? The gorgeous images are by wedding photographer Mark Bothwell. Enjoy!

Eclectic wedding Andaz London (1)

Nicola & Antony’s eclectic wedding in London

Eclectic wedding Andaz London (2)

Who proposed, and how?

Antony proposed to me. It was the 3rd of December. He went to a huge amount of very romantic effort: he foxed me, by pretending we were going to a cocktail party for a networking event for his work.