I adore Kerry’s dress and bouquet and how today’s gorgeous bride and groom are both smiling, grinning and laughing all day long. Kerry & James’ wedding was perfect – the sun shone gloriously on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year so far and Kerry looked ridiculously stunning in her blush pink gown.

Crafty wedding styling and a beautiful blush pink dress at Chequers Inn, with The Crawleys (16)

Let’s start this week on a high, shall we? Gorgeous Katherine and Nick’s wedding at Cleatham Hall has everything: the most amazing bouquet, a breathtaking dress and the loveliest of details to share with you. It’s fabulous and the perfect pick me up for all of our Mondays!!

A fabulous bouquet for Nick & Katherine's designer wedding at Cleatham Hall, photography by Kazooieloki (13)

Katherine’s interview is ace – don’t miss it at the end of the blog post if you’re getting married this year. I love her words of wisdom: “Stay true to both your styles and choose the things that you like . Everyone says ‘it will always come together ‘ when you are at your most stressed times with planning and they are so right. After the day, you’ll have no idea why you were so worried.”

Wedding fairs can either be a lovely day out with your Mum and bridesmaids… or a hellish frenzy of wedding salespeople pushing teeth whitening…. it’s why I’ve deliberately avoided the big shows for the last few years. But some do it beautifully. I do believe a wedding fair should be a welcoming day full of ideas – these days it’s all about the experience and I wanted to show you some photos of how it can be done well!

Styling inspo for your barn inspired marquee wedding with Heather Jackson Photography (7)

When lovely Jessy Jones got in touch to show me Tom and Natalie’s day I was so excited – honestly, their day is just so pretty and perfect to share with you here. The bride and groom are gorgeous: the flower crown is super sweet and I LOVE the daisies – I hope you will too! Oh, and did I mention the awesome golden dinosaurs? 😉

DIY details and little gold dinosaurs for a village hall wedding, images by Jessy Jones Photography (26)

“We didn’t really have a theme – we wanted the wedding to reflect us both. Flowers were a big part of our wedding, particularly daisies and roses, with zombies, dinosaurs and mermaids thrown in!