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If we go back to early 14th century English, the word stag was used to refer to a male of any species. But in today’s current wedding lingo, a stag party means a get-together reserved for men when one of the group is about to get married. It’s traditionally held just before the wedding and is something of a rite of passage.

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Hen weekends have become synonymous with tacky clubs, L-plates and big, boozy nights out abroad. If that makes your skin crawl then fret not! We have a list of ideas that you can use for a fabulous, sophisticated 2021 hen weekend here in the UK. Not only will you save money on flights but you will also cut travel-time, making it a lot easier for everyone involved!

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If you’re at that age when it seems like every friend, cousin and their hamster is getting hitched, I’m sure you’ll agree – boozed up, wild hen and stag dos are getting old very quickly. The penis straws are kitsch, the ass-exposed waiters are degrading, and the hangovers just aren’t worth it.

Luckily for you (and your liver), there are plenty of unique party ideas to celebrate your mate who’s about to get married. Workshops are an excellent way to have fun, get to know the rest of the bridal party, and pick up a new craft, all at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

How are your hen / stag and sten do plans coming along? If you’d like a little help with planning activities for a fun filled weekend, have a look at Adventure Connections – they’ve joined English Wedding and we love the variety of ideas and packages on their easy-to-use website!

Adventure Connections: After all, fun is a serious business

Adventure Connections is a highly focused and experienced events management team. We love our work and our sole purpose is to deliver events hassle free – stress free. Of course, we also like to have fun hence our motto “Fun is a serious business”. We’ve been running for over 19 years now and during that time, we’ve created some awesome relationships within the UK travel industry. That’s why we know that we’re offering the best activity sites, the finest accommodation and are able to run the greatest  events.