Beyond the Aisles: Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Marquee for Your Dream Celebration

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Wedding planning can be a dream in some cases, and in other cases, a nightmare. The latter can be especially the case for couples who are so overwhelmed with wedding ideas, they can’t make up their minds on how to execute their perfect wedding.

However, if an outdoor wedding is in the books for you, you have come to the right place. In fact, have you given much thought to marquees? Whether your answer to that is yes or no, this blog post will inform you on everything you need to know about choosing the right marquee for your outdoor wedding.

Let’s get started!

Wedding Location

The location of your wedding will play a key role in the type of marquee you might want. For outdoor weddings, popular locations include:

  • Beach
  • Garden
  • Private property

Keep in mind that the weather and climate might also affect the ideal marquee for your outdoor wedding.

For example, a beach wedding promises a dreamy and boho-esque vibe, perfect for a tent-like marquee that is open. Should the wind be particularly harsh that day, however, you might want to avoid open marquees just in case sand starts flying towards your guests.

Wedding Style

The overall mood and aesthetic that you are trying to create for your wedding will be another critical factor in helping you determine which type of marquee will be best for you.

From tent to canopy marquees, open and/or closed, you will want a marquee that complements your wedding style. Classic pole marquees with ‘windows’ provide guests with the opportunity to admire the outdoor views at the same time as being protected from the external elements.

If you are struggling with your wedding style, don’t worry! There are numerous possible wedding theme ideas that you can choose from for your nuptials. Plus, you can mix and match different styles according to your preferences – after all, it is your wedding.

Some examples of wedding styles that you could implement for your wedding are:

  • Vintage/rustic
  • Bohemian
  • Celestial
  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Eco-friendly
  • Tropical

And of course, there is no real limit when it comes to wedding themes, other than your own imagination and whatever wedding theme you, your beloved, and prospective guests might like.

Number of Guests

The size of your wedding party is another crucial factor to consider when it comes to choosing your marquee.

No matter if you are holding your wedding ceremony and/or your wedding reception inside the marquee, you will need one that can accommodate every single one of your guests. As a result, you will need to choose an appropriately sized marquee that is big enough to provide shelter to everyone present at your nuptials.

Meanwhile, if you are going for a small and intimate wedding, this does not mean you should only stick to a modestly proportioned marquee. If you would like a spacious marquee, whether that is for a dance floor or just extra space, you shouldn’t feel overly restricted by your party size.

Wedding Decor

You could opt for a simple ceremony in a church and use the marquee for your wedding reception, or you could have both inside the marquee. Whatever arrangement you ultimately decide on, you should also take into consideration the decoration and how exactly you can decorate your chosen marquee.

For instance, how will you place the lighting? Flowers? Tables and chairs? Furniture and decoration are key aspects to your wedding planning that you will need to think about carefully, especially when it comes to planning a marquee wedding.

When you choose to hire a marquee from a reputable company like Abacus Marquee Hire, you can lie back and relax when it comes to decorating your marquee with the essentials – the company will often arrange this for you, taking your needs into account.

This means you can let the experts handle the marquee decoration placement for you, in the confidence that they will still pay close attention to your specific preferences.

Catering and Bar

If you will be holding your wedding reception inside the marquee, it is essential that you have catering and perhaps even a bar on-site. Your marquee must be large enough to accommodate a catering and bar area, regardless of whether it is a table service process or a buffet where guests come and get their own food.

Food counters and a bar are great entertainment options for guests, allowing them to maintain their energy and continue enjoying the party. Marquee hire companies can also help with catering and bar set ups, in the event that you require such further assistance.

The Perfect Marquee Awaits

There you have it – a relatively brief guide on how to choose the best marquee for your outdoor wedding.

With a number of different types of marquees to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. However, by following the tips outlined above, you will hopefully quickly gain a rounded idea of the type of marquee that you and your sweetheart should opt for. Good luck with your search for that dream marquee!

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