5 Surprising Benefits of Keeping Children Entertained at Your Wedding

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Did you catch yesterday’s feature full of advice for kids at weddings? We covered catering, crèches and superhero costumes… but one thing I’d like to talk about more is entertainment for children at weddings. And getting it right is essential if you want those adorable little faces to be smiling on your big day! So our lovely friends at Warble Entertainment have come up with some great pointers to help you out. And whatever entertainment you choose, the benefits are huge and might be a bit of a surprise!

For the most part, weddings have some children attending. Even if it is a small cluster of bridesmaids or page boys, you will normally see a contingent of little people running around looking for something to do, all whilst being chased by a slightly flustered parent!

There are times when looking after kids at a wedding can be challenging. Some children may not cope well with the length of the day (and the inevitable tiredness that follows), so it can be worth having wedding entertainment for kids to keep them occupied during these times.

Here are 5 surprising perks of having some kind of children’s wedding entertainment that you may not have thought of!

1. It Naturally Creates a Fun-Filled Atmosphere

Wedding entertainment is a high priority for most couples on their wedding day. Whether this is live music or other types of entertainment, many will often forget about organising something for the kids!

Thinking about children who may attend your wedding first can be a smart way to organise your wedding entertainment.

Kids wedding entertainment is all about fun and smiles! Getting this right can set a great vibe for your day. This happiness absolutely spills over onto the rest of your day and your guests with wonderful results.

wedding entertainment for children (3)

2. Your Wedding Photographs Will Look Fantastic and Colourful

Your wedding photographs are a special visual memory of your day and are to be cherished and enjoyed. Adding in colourful kids wedding entertainment such as face painters or balloon modellers can really make your wedding photos pop!

Your photographer won’t be able to resist getting snaps of friends and family smiling, having fun and enjoying your day.

Wedding entertainment for children is naturally colourful and vibrant. Face painters in particular are one of the most popular wedding entertainment ideas for kids, bringing colour and life to your celebrations and photographs.

3. Both Adults and Kids Can Enjoy

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that kids wedding entertainment is just for kids!

There is nothing more hilarious than seeing Uncle Tony with his face painted like a tiger or sporting a fruit bowl balloon hat half way through the day.

Wedding entertainers such as magicians or caricaturists are also great for all the family to enjoy. Whether you are a spectator or an active participant, you can bring your wedding to life with fascinating performers.

wedding entertainment for children (4)

4. Eliminates Stress for You and Your Guests

Stress on your wedding day is anything but desirable. Having kids wedding entertainment is a massive stress reliever as your entertainers will keep children occupied, meaning parents can relax and mingle with the grown ups instead of focusing on kids the whole time.

Any guests who have brought miniature guests along with them will be so relieved to know that they are being looked after! Showing that you’ve spared a thought for the children will not go unnoticed.

Even adult wedding guests get bored, fidgety and frustrated easily. This is compounded even more so with children. Removing this element of stress from your wedding day is a massive bonus of having kids wedding entertainment.

5. Solves the problem of a ‘kid-free’ wedding

One of the toughest decisions many couples have to make during their wedding planning is whether to allow children.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and it’s your day! However, it is important to be aware that having a ‘kid-free’ wedding day will alienate many guests from being able to attend your big day.

One of the benefits of having an adults only affair is the freedom that it allows your guests to enjoy your night. This can also be one of the surprise advantages of having children’s entertainment as a way of giving wedding guests the same freedom.

Article by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment
Images by Clare Tam-Im Photography, Hertfordshire

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