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Engagement rings designed online with Durham Rose UK (3)

Did your other half propose at Christmas? I imagine a few of you are smiling! It’s the busiest time of the year for engagements, and I suspect at least one of my friends will have a ring on her finger come Boxing Day! I’m really excited for her – I hope it happens, I really do!!! There are guys out there right now hunting for the perfect engagement ring… and that’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to share the wonderfully inspiring story of Durham Rose.

What could possibly be more personal than an engagement ring? It’s the physical representation of your love. It’s everything that your heart has to say, when it doesn’t possess the words to say it. And yet, you’re expected to express all of this with a ring off the shelf – unless you have the budget of royalty. This was a concept that that Manu, the founder of Durham Rose, struggled to come to terms with.

Like every prospective groom, when he was planning to propose to his now wife of seven years, Pip, Manu wanted a ring that was really special – something that came from his heart. The best way he could think to achieve this was to design it himself. As a mechanical engineer, with a strong working knowledge of CAD software, he was more than capable of doing this. And yet, finding a jeweller willing to oblige was more difficult than he’d imagined. After weeks of fruitlessly pursuing the more traditional routes, Manu did the unexpected, and did it himself.

After more than 60 hours shut in his studio, Manu had created the blueprint for an engagement ring that said everything he wanted Pip’s heart to hear. After a further – lengthy – hunt for a goldsmith willing to take on a design produced out of house, the ring was made, the proposal was made – and accepted – and the seeds of a business idea had begun to germinate. Shortly after, Durham Rose began working on its first commissions – with Manu and Pip at the helm.

As a family-run business, built upon personal experiences, everything about Durham Rose is personal. We make rings for other people to put their hearts into. We don’t want our clients to just pick a ring that we’ve designed and think will do the job for an anonymous person’s engagement, wedding, anniversary, or other occasion. We want to be able to deliver the one piece of jewellery that says everything, that means everything. So, we help you to play a part in the design process.

Not everyone can use CAD. Not everyone can create a workable design. But, if you have an idea, as Manu did, then we can help you to breathe life into it without all the hoop jumping. Tell us what you want; unleash your imagination, and we’ll do everything we can to recreate it, involving you in every step of the design process.

The rings of Durham Rose are created to be everything that an occasion ring should be: heartfelt, personal, enduring and beautiful. They can come in singles or in pairs, they can echo or contrast with one another, with partner rings sinuously entwining or stating independence and reliance with the same breath. They reflect you, your personality, and everything that your relationship stands for. That’s what Durham Rose is all about.

Oh, and the name? Durham and Rose are Manu’s and Pip’s middle names. Because this business is very personal to them, too.


Engagement rings designed online with Durham Rose UK (1)
Engagement rings designed online with Durham Rose UK (2)
Engagement rings designed online with Durham Rose UK (4)
Engagement rings designed online with Durham Rose UK (5)

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