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by Ailsa Munro Dressmaker

I feel like the wedding industry woke up on Monday morning and ever so slightly lost their shit. I’ve seen article after article from wedding blogs and magazines, frantically guessing what kind of dress Meghan Markle might wear when she marries Prince Harry next spring. Scanning her instagram for her general fashion sense, what she’s worn as a bridesmaid, what she’s worn when she’s with Harry. Honestly it’s coming across a little nutty, at this point, you guys.

I mean, of course we’re excited- we LOVE a Royal wedding. Bridal trends may be buffeted by the winds of celebrity weddings, but they move with a tidal reckoning for a Princess. Diana wore puffy, mutton leg sleeves? Every bride in Britain wore puffy mutton leg sleeves, for almost a decade. Kate wore lace, and suddenly lace was everything and everywhere and it the landscape of textile manufacturers had to change to go along with it. Lace is STILL everywhere, and it’s been 8 years. We all had high hopes for Pippa’s wedding last year- technically not a Princess but close enough to wonder if this dress would set us on a new course. She had looked so stunning in her simple, figure hugging white bridesmaid’s dress, surely she would go for something modern and interesting? But no, almost a copy of her sister’s dress 7 years previously. But Meghan!! American, beautiful, modern Princess Meghan! Marrying everyone’s favourite Prince! (William is cute but everyone knows Harry is better) This dress could change what we think of as current and trendy for so many years to come.

And of course everyone else is excited too- this dress will announce to the world what sort of Princess Meghan is going to be! Is she going to be conservative and traditional? Will she be modern and sexy? Will they be a couple who toes the line or makes bold, brave statements? I confess, I don’t really know why we all care quite as badly as we do, but they’re our Royals. We care A LOT.

Maybe this mammoth speculation is fun (I just admitted to having read all the articles. I am not above it.) but it’s a lot of pressure to put on a bride. And although the scale is different, the weight of people’s expectations of bride’s outfits is something that most brides feel at one time or another. I think almost every bride I’ve ever made a dress for has been worried at some point about what people are expecting them to wear and how it differs/aligns with what they’ve actually chosen. This is particularly true of brides wearing a colour, or separates- one of my brides was told “you don’t have to wear white! There’s always eggshell, or alabaster or cream” before opting for a taupe jumpsuit.

The brides who are happiest with their dresses in the end are the ones who go with their gut. Who make bold choices to wear something that feels authentically them. I hope for Meghan’s sake, she can see past all the drama, and the twittersphere, and articles like this exact one, and find something she loves, that she can wear to marry the man she loves. And I personally hope it’s not lace.


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Scott Spencer-White · November 29, 2017 at 7:13 pm

Yes! Exactly how I feel about it! Bar the lace lol. I cannot believe what some people are saying. Hope they manage to have a lovely day and the paps get none of it!

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