How To Choose a Band To Fit Your Wedding Theme

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So music would be top of my wedding planning list, and there’d be an amazing party atmosphere… more important than dresses, or vows, or food, or wine… there’d be a band, and dancing, and a real sense of celebration. I might even elope so I could go to a concert the evening after my wedding with all of my friends, and tell them there. If music is important to you too, you’ll want to read this:

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All images from Vanessa and Will’s Warwickshire wedding, photographed by the fabulous Rob & Sarah Gillespie Photography

Choosing the right music will help turn your wedding into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. But with so many options to choose from, finding the right act to suit your theme can be a daunting task. We have put together some information to help steer you in the right direction when choosing a live music act for your wedding.

What’s your wedding music style?

Nowadays there is a huge range of acts and bands for weddings that people are unaware of. We have broken the acts down into categories so you can get a feel for which ones will fit with your theme.

Party Bands:
Huge repertoire of popular hits from the last 50 years everything from Elvis to Rhianna.
Great for audience interaction and dancing. Excellent at really injecting some excitement into the end of your big day.

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Jazz Bands:
Slightly more specialised taste than a party band. Jazz music really comes into its own when played live, the bands will usually provide a repertoire of jazz hits from the last century as well as arrangements of modern pop hits.
Each Jazz band will be unique and individual, such as a gypsy jazz band or a solo jazz pianist, be sure to have a look through your options before choosing. Jazz bands can be used for subtle ambient music or to get your guests up jiving on the dance floor.

Acoustic Bands:
Acoustic bands can provide a more intimate/down to earth touch to your wedding, and come in a range of themes. They’re great for outdoor weddings, as they usually require little to no electrical power. Often capable of blending most styles and genres into a set, acoustic bands are excellent for small to large venues, as the acts can range from soloist all the way to a full band.

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Classical acts:
Perfect for adding some regal class to your big day. Classical performers are very portable, versatile and perfect for outdoor door weddings. Classical groups come in a range of sizes and instruments, they’re ideal for small to large venues and traditionally play classical pieces, but nowadays most classical acts will also have pop songs in their repertoire.

Tribute bands:
These will be an act dedicated to the music of one genre or band. They’re perfect for specifically themed weddings such as a 60’s or film theme.
They add a great atmosphere to event and can make it really special, if you can’t actually hire the Police to play at your Wedding, hire the UK’s best Police tribute band instead.

Bring Your Theme to Life with Live Music Throughout the Day

It is becoming increasingly popular for wedding music to be introduced throughout the day and not just reserved for the evening reception festivities. Having live music at different points throughout your day can really bring your theme to life.

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Bride’s Arrival:
Arguably the most important part of any wedding is the arrival, so make your walk down the aisle absolutely unforgettable with some well chosen live music. For example, a romantic themed wedding could use a harpist or a solo violinist to play the Bridal Chorus. Or for a film theme, why not use a harpist or pianist to play the soundtrack from the film? And yet another option could be to use an acoustic guitarist and singer for a more contemporary theme, to serenade you and your partner down the aisle to your favourite song.

Drinks reception:
If you’re planning a stylish or 1920/30s theme why not use a small jazz band to create a great atmosphere for your guests? After all, this is the part of the day where a lot of talking and catching up takes place, so having something that is interesting, whilst not over powering the conversation, is a must.

Evening Reception:
A natural choice once the party really kicks off is to have something upbeat and lively to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. There are many different types of live wedding bands to choose from, so it’s important to select the right one. Whether it be a jazz big band or a party band blasting out all the classic pop hits, a good wedding reception band is a perfect way for the bride and groom to make their mark on the evening and leave their guests with a night to remember.

Now that you have a good idea of the choice of bands out there, and examples of how and when to use them, we hope that you will have a better idea of how to choose the right band to fit your wedding theme.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, if you ever need any help finding or sourcing the right band, we here at Matchbox Music entertainment agency can help you find the perfect act for your wedding.

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