An interesting survey landed in our inbox a little while ago, and we wanted to share it with you. It’s ok not to be ok when the world around us is crumbling – and if you’re worried about planning your wedding and how much it will all cost, you’re absolutely not alone.

Weddings are expensive. But as we’ve said many times on English Wedding, we don’t believe the ‘average wedding budget‘ figures you’ll see in so many wedding publications.

From creative DIY and passing it forward, 22 of the gorgeous couples featured on the English Wedding Blog over the past 12 months share their top tips to help YOU budget for your wedding. There’s always the simple stuff like not buying coffee or lunch at work, putting £2 coins in a money box and having a clean break from your fave takeaway, but our couples share their top tips – based on recent experience! – to help you SAVE when planning your wedding.