I have to admit, I’m more familiar with the Upside Down than the world of Downton (hey, Stranger Things fans!) but in a wedding context it’s easy to fall head over heels in love with the whole period aesthetic. Today’s shoot is a Downton Abbey inspired masterpiece, and Mount Ephraim is a dream venue: sweeping staircase, black and white floors, period details in full effect – the works! There’s something ever so real about this wedding style feature, as the day runs from beginning to end with the grooms’ preparations, ceremony, portraits, reception and even fireworks! I really love how authentic it all feels – and it’s down to a fantastic team of stylists alongside the awesome Matilda Delves Photography, who captured the day on camera. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Mount Ephraim wedding style ideas on English-Wedding.com Photo credit Matilda Delves (25)

The inspiration behind this shoot is showcasing two grooms in a classical and elegant way with a modern twist with a Downton Abbey influence. Real-life couple Maximilian and Elie really bring the romantic feel to life. The chemistry between the two grooms was effortless and heartfelt which was captured in the photos.

English country garden wedding style ideas with Hannah Larkin Photography (15)

Good morning, beautiful. I’m feeling very tranquil right now, having scrolled through all of the wonderful images from today’s feature on English Wedding. This is pure beauty, sophisticated and timeless wedding style for you to fall in love with, take away and turn into your own. The dresses by Kate Edmondson Bridal are divine; the bouquet just fabulous, and those Little Fancies biscuits and cookies the sweetest thing to hit my blogging screen this year! This shoot was styled and planned by Cynthia Adipue from Kimberley Rose Designs, who is here to tell you more. All images are by lovely Hannah Larkin Photography.

English country garden wedding style ideas with Hannah Larkin Photography (30)

Step back in time to a world of glamour, style, sophistication and graceful elegance where romance blossomed under watchful eyes and often amidst unspoken words that stay locked up in the heart; an era where love is conveyed via series of handwritten and perfumed letters written and exchanged between the beloved; when simple gestures such as a look or a favourite book are the loveliest of mementos to remember your beloved by; a time where romance is not always expressed verbally or openly like in our modern day but still felt deeply with the briefest of touch or the gentlest gaze.

Maryann Morris Photography at Patrick's Barn on the English Wedding Blog (24)

Hey gorgeous! Pop your sunglasses on – it’s about to get awfully bright in here!

Today’s wedding inspiration could have turned out very differently. It’s the first shoot Rachel from Rose Petals Vintage has created, and we love the vibrant colours – but that wasn’t the plan to begin with! It all began with one word: vintage. But that’s not so easy to define!

Surely by vintage I meant a tea length dress, with a vintage hairstyle and pastel colours right? Wrong, I used the word vintage thinking it was easy to explain, quirky, a little alternative – and because I knew I would be doing a vintage hairstyle and wanted a vintage dress. It wasn’t that simple. Although I have a passion for vintage fashion, hair and design, I also like bright colours not usually associated with vintage. I love peacocks, and I love the countryside. So the styled shoot I had imagined morphed into something quite different once I had seen the many different things on offer!

Maryann Morris Photography at Patrick's Barn on the English Wedding Blog (20)

Teal and purple peacock wedding ideas by planner Karen Luxford, image by Sarah Wayte Photography (7)

If you’re looking to incorporate bright, vibrant colours into your wedding styling and need a theme to tie it all together, peacocks are the perfect inspiration. Wedding trends come and go, but peacock styling ideas are revisited and reinvented every season – this is one of my absolute favourites using fabulously colourful florals, coloured table decorations and glitter art for a whole new dimension of wedding make up art! Lovely Sarah Wayte shared her images with us, and Karen Luxford, the talented planner who coordinated this editorial photoshoot, tells us a little more. It all takes place at Moor Hall wedding venue, and there’s a full list of the brilliant Essex wedding suppliers involved at the end of the blog post!

Teal and purple peacock wedding ideas by planner Karen Luxford, image by Sarah Wayte Photography (17)

“Given the fact that the model, Grace, and I have both recently overcome strokes (at a very young age, I may add!), I had the idea to incorporate the Stroke Society colour of purple with vibrant bursts of teals, blues and greens to give it life and energy. The peacock idea naturally developed from this colour palette which, in turn, led to the idea of drama, reflected in the make up and the use of the motorcycle!