Beautiful images by Ellie Cooper on Unsplash

In the age of technology and social media, it is difficult to imagine a snap-free ceremony or special event where devices are not allowed.

However, ‘unplugged weddings’ have long been a popular trend, with 75% of Brit couples admitting they are having – or considering – a ceremony without phones or cameras. The only ‘invitee’ that’s allowed to document the big day with a device is the professional photographer.

As with all things, unplugged weddings come with their fair share of positives and drawbacks.

Inspired by fabulous London wedding photographer Jordanna Marston Photography

We began to unplug about 5 years ago, when the novelty of aunties having camera phones became a really big deal at weddings. Rather than seeing rows of happy faces, brides began to see rows of iphones (flash on) hiding faces as they walked down the aisle. Distracting, much? And those who thought about it in advance would make or hire little signs telling the aunties their wedding was Unplugged – and to kindly stop taking photos of all the best bits.