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Do you celebrate Halloween? Here at English Wedding HQ I love the old belief in fairies and spirits – it’s said they can reach us more easily tonight than at any other time in the year… so I see it as a time to pray for loved ones lost; to celebrate their lives and look back on precious times and memories shared. It’s also a lovely opportunity to cook pumpkin stuff – I actually spent a few happy moments writing on a little pumpkin in my calligraphy class the other week! Anyway – before I begin today’s blog post I have a request for wedding stylists and photographers – I would love to feature this year’s Halloween weddings on the blog this time next year. If you’re styling or shooting a wedding today, please consider submitting it for publication on English Wedding next year. We don’t need ghosts and goths (although, that would be pretty awesome!) – I’m looking for weddings with orange, autumnal or pumpkin styling ideas to inspire our readers. Thank you!


Hey lovelies! I would LOVE to know if you’d be interested in a wedding calligraphy workshop in 2019 – aimed at absolute beginners, and where I can teach you to design your own wedding invites and monograms for stamps, stickers and branding your wedding! I’ll be booking dates in the next week, so please add a little comment here if you’d be interested in coming along! I’d love to see you there.

I have a little news for you as well, especially crafty brides and grooms who would love to learn calligraphy before the end of 2018. I’ve a few lettering workshops with tickets left, and I’ll be thrilled if you can join me!

I’m going to brighten up my calligraphy workshops from now with a little more variation in the styles we learn and the tools we use on the day – so here’s our exciting schedule of modern calligraphy classes for the rest of the year!

September 15th – write your own gold ink greetings card

at Swallows & Artisans, Lanehead, Coniston, Cumbria from 2 o’clock until 5.


Every word handwritten…

gold calligraphy on black card by Calligraphy for Weddings on Etsy (13)

Printed wedding stationery doesn’t necessarily mean mass produced, but you definitely get a very special personal touch when you hire a calligrapher for your wedding.

gold calligraphy on black card by Calligraphy for Weddings on Etsy (14)

90% of what I do here in my little studio is by hand, one letter at a time, with an element of alchemy in mixing inks and choosing papers where they’ll sit just so… and every morning when I sit at my desk I fall back in love with my work.

gold calligraphy on black card by Calligraphy for Weddings on Etsy (2)

Calligraphy is every bit as therapeutic, rewarding and exciting as you could imagine – and if you don’t fancy having a go yourself you can still just as easily fall in love with delicate modern lettering written especially for you.

gold calligraphy on black card by Calligraphy for Weddings on Etsy (9)

These little pieces were written by me, in my little calligraphy studio on the edge of the Lake District. The gold ink shines gently in sunlight; the black hand-torn card is perfect for a boho or country wedding – and ideal for darker or wooden tables where a little more impact is needed for your guests’ place settings.


This is a little sneak peek into my other life: when I’m not typing I have an old-fashioned pen in my hand… an ink pot, blots on my face, like in the 19th century. I’m not a monk: I’m a calligrapher. I write wedding place names, address envelopes, calligraphy wedding readings and vows as keepsakes and wedding day gifts, and design bespoke wedding stationery for intimate weddings.

Wedding calligraphy in pale grey handwritten by Claire Gould photo by Susan Arnold (14)

One of my favourite styles for calligraphy suites and wedding stationery this year is pale grey, graceful lettering with a hint of days gone by. I love to write in the style of an old love letter: casual, flowing scripts with elegance and old English charm.

This is a look you can easily incorporate into your wedding – and calligraphy is the perfect finishing touch. I designed and lettered an invitation suite on the palest grey stationery: a beautiful dove grey with ink a shade or two lighter to give the perfect contrast and create a soft look.

Wedding calligraphy in pale grey handwritten by Claire Gould photo by Susan Arnold (10)


Do you love papery bits and pieces? Are you searching for something really special for your wedding day, a creative statement or something really on trend and exciting your guests will remember? Perhaps I can help!
paper rose place name

As many of you will know I’m a calligrapher as well as a wedding blogger, and combining the two makes me ridiculously happy! I love coming up with new projects and ideas for wedding calligraphy, and constantly update my Etsy shop with new calligraphy bits and bobs for weddings. 2014 will be the year of the calligraphy menu and I’ll be sharing some new menu designs on my calligraphy website very soon – but in the meantime I’d like to offer all you lovely English Wedding Blog readers a 10% saving on calligraphy for your 2014 weddings.

wedding calligraphy

Image credit Fiona Campbell London and Kat Forsyth Photography


Brand new in my Etsy shop today – a lovely way to ask your best girls to be a part of your wedding. Handwritten cards, personalised for each of your girls, with a pretty paper rose and rustic twine – perfect for an English country garden wedding style…

personalised bridesmaid cards (1)

‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ personalised calligraphy cards are £7 each and sold in packs of 2 on

personalised bridesmaid cards (2) personalised bridesmaid cards (3) personalised bridesmaid cards (4) personalised bridesmaid cards (5)

Buy online from my Etsy shop at or email me



Have you read anything from The Velveteen Rabbit in the last year? Or perhaps seen a poem about two dinosaurs who fall in love? I have as well – and I imagine most couples planning weddings in the UK know just why I’m asking!

dinosaur wedding Belinda McCarthy

A truly lovely love story – photo credit Belinda McCarthy

An article on the BBC News website asked the other day, “Why is a children’s book about rabbits being read at weddings?” and author Lucy Wallis shared some very insightful thoughts about kids’ books having to explain love in very simple terms.

My lovely friend and UKAWP director Bernadette Chapman was quoted in the article, saying weddings are increasingly focused on personality – meaning more creative freedom to choose quirky wedding readings. Bernadette said “children’s literature has become so popular because it’s inter-generational and everyone can relate to it“.

dinosaur wedding by Belinda McCarthy

Donna and Paul’s wedding had a quirky and fun dinosaur theme, and guess what they chose for a wedding reading?! Image credit Belinda McCarthy Photography


Hello everyone! I have a special offer for all of you lovely English Wedding Blog readers today. I’ve been very busy in the calligraphy studio over the last couple of weeks with some gorgeous wedding orders and new designs as well!

wedding place name tags (2)

Calligraphy wedding tags – £1.50 each or £1.35 exclusively for English Wedding Blog readers!

I wanted to share my latest little wedding place name tags with you here today, and offer you an exclusive discount as well. You can save 10% off these tags if you order before the end of October 2013.

wedding place name tags (3)

The heart wedding tags are available in my Etsy shop to buy now. To claim your discount enter code ENGLISHWEDDING12 at the checkout – simple!

wedding place name tags (4)

Free samples of the wedding tags are available. Just email me with your wedding date, both of your names and tell me a little about the style of your day. Oh! And don’t forget to include your postal address for the sample!

Claire x