I found this article about intimate weddings last month and loved it – so much, that I wanted to share with you all on the English Wedding Blog. Lots of you will know I’d go for an intimate wedding like a shot – an elopement if I could! – and I’m a huge believer in keeping weddings small, cosy and magical. Those three go hand in hand.

Linda Grace Weddings knows what she’s talking about. She’s trained with the UKAWP and now specialises in intimate weddings across Somerset and Devon. Linda makes intimate weddings sound like the best thing ever… and I’m with her all the way! Here are 9 of Linda’s top reasons for choosing an intimate wedding – I agree with Every. Single. One. Do you?
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“There are many reasons why couples decide they would love an intimate wedding.  The style can take various forms – from destination weddings, to quirky themed events, or purely a smaller gathering of around 50 guests or far fewer.  One size doesn’t fit all of course, but there’s an intimate solution to fit all couples’ ideas and budgets.


There’s *thinks for a moment* no, nothing I love more than a surprise wedding. And Rebecca and Brian pulled it off beautifully, sharing their secret with only a few wedding guests before their – supposed – combined birthday party. Brilliant!!

Images from a beautiful surprise English Wedding at Thrumpton Hall with Cris Lowis Photography (22)

It took 8 weeks to plan the wedding, and Rebecca and Brian went online to source small, local suppliers to style their day. It looks amazing – surprise wedding this may be, but the details are all there! Rebecca is a beautiful bride with a pretty vintage dress and the most wonderfully colourful shoes (LOVE!), and Brian’s jacket and trousers combo is perfect: but their expressions (delight mixed with an element of cheeky surprise!) are my favourite thing. I love this!!

Images from a beautiful surprise English Wedding at Thrumpton Hall with Cris Lowis Photography (30)

Images are by the very fabulous Cris Lowis Photography in Staffordshire. Find out more about Cris here:

Images from a beautiful surprise English Wedding at Thrumpton Hall with Cris Lowis Photography (13)


Amanda and Anton had two wedding receptions and mixed vintage wedding ideas from two cultures to create two of the most memorable days of their lives!

Vintage wedding Thrumpton Hall Lifeline Photography (1)

Today’s vintage wedding blog with an Italian twist will inspire many of you I’m sure. There’s beauty in the details: soft, elegant and classy vintage roses, table decorations and styling (not to mention Amanda’s stunning wedding dress and Anton’s super classy suit).

There’s also a real atmosphere of celebration. As Amanda told me, “Italian weddings are all about sharing good food with your family and friends” – and there’s a link at the end of this page where you can see much more of their wedding.

Vintage wedding Thrumpton Hall Lifeline Photography (2)

The lovely couple chose Hannah of Lifeline Photography to capture their vintage wedding on camera, and she did a beautiful job. I first met Hannah at top wedding photographer Chris Hanley’s enchanting and creative studio space near Manchester, the Riverside Studios, and I can tell you as well as being passionate about her wedding photography she’s also a really gorgeous and lovely and genuine lady. She photographs weddings all around the Nottingham area – so get in touch! (Read this first though 🙂