Hey everyone! Would you like to help me with a discussion coming up on the English Wedding Blog soon? I’m asking for your thoughts on exclusivity… brides, suppliers, other wedding bloggers I would love to hear from you all!

Neoclassical wedding styled shoot by Petra Opperman with Matthew Bishop Photography (4)

My question: should wedding blogs ask for exclusivity for styled shoots and real weddings? How long for?

Exclusivity for wedding blogs

Every wedding blogger wants their blog to stand out from the crowd, and being able to publish gorgeous shoots before anyone else is key to that. If two blogs published the same shoot within a week it wouldn’t look so good…

Neoclassical wedding styled shoot by Petra Opperman with Matthew Bishop Photography (3)

Features across more blogs for wedding suppliers

I’m a calligrapher as well as a wedding blogger, and I’m often asked to write place names and bespoke stationery for styled wedding shoots. I love seeing those shoots featured as widely as they possibly can be… the more blogs feature a shoot, the better the publicity for every supplier involved.

Neoclassical wedding styled shoot by Petra Opperman with Matthew Bishop Photography (1)


I’ll happily spend hours creating something new and exciting if someone asks me to take part in any kind of wedding shoot. Does it pay? I think so… and being involved in shoots can have massive benefits for everyone involved. Here’s why I love them:

  • Shoots mean I can get great images of my work in context. Etsy tells me to use “droolworthy” photos – and the best way to do this is to give my stuff to awesome photographers so they can put it in a wedding setting and share the images.
  • I get to meet people, in real life or online – a rare thing for a wedding stationer!
  • Shoots push me to make new things, even if they’re a bit odd! In the last year I’ve written on an old window frame, made watercolour flowers and written song lyrics on massive paper backdrops then slashed them into pieces with a knife…

Images from a styled shoot at Aspire, by Melissa Beattie Photography

wedding shoots


wedding shoots



Morning! I thought I’d write more of a chatty post today and take a little break from real weddings, but still with lots of stunning images to inspire you. I’ve been thinking a lot about styled wedding shoots recently – they’re big news since Pinterest exploded back in 2011 and I love them.

vintage suitcase wedding

Image credit Lumiere Photography | the English Wedding Blog

Is that controversial? I don’t think so. I remember reading surveys on big wedding blogs before Pinterest really hit the UK, and inspiration shoots weren’t so popular with blog readers. But the internet is changing and becoming all about pretty pictures – and styled shoots are big news now.

flower crowns ideas

Flower crowns by Pumpkin and Pye | Image Evolve Photography

People used to criticise styled shoots as being fake, too aspirational or unrealistic. US blogs would show dozens of outdoor wedding shoots before UK couples were even allowed to marry outdoors. Florists would go to town on single tables, creating extravagant displays which look amazing… but which would cost the earth to recreate at an actual wedding. Oh, and there were no grooms – shoots were called ‘bridal shoots’ for a reason.