Destination weddings in the UK are definitely a thing. We’re head over heels in love with Malissa & Max’s wedding in Cornwall – the vibe is relaxed seaside, the look is fresh and modern, and our couple are clearly so hugely in love it’s making us all smiley here at English Wedding HQ! This gorgeous pair are quite possibly the luckiest couple to have booked their wedding just before Covid… and we’re SO happy to be sharing their stunning day with you! Don’t miss their Cornwall wedding supplier recommendations – there are a few names here we’ve heard from our couples MANY times!

We’re beginning the week with a heartwarming story of gorgeous couple Laura and Craig. The day before their wedding in 2018, Laura was taken ill and at the last minute they had to postpone their day. In the days when postponing a wedding was a rare thing, all of Laura and Craig’s suppliers were amazing: they rescheduled for the summer of 2019 and this gorgeous day happened. Laura is stunning, Craig her perfect match. The location (Lusty Glaze in Cornwall) is breathtaking and the styling touches for their beach wedding are adorable! All images are by lovely Alexa Poppe Photography.

Tales of the sea - inspirational beach wedding style fromSerpentine Shores and Salt & Sea Photography (28)

Sometimes images speak for themselves; sometimes they sing. Today’s billowing, seaweed-scented shoot has a yearning, breathtaking aesthetic which lightens my heart with its beauty. Styled by the wonderful Serpentine Shores Co. and photographed by Salt & Sea Photography, it’s simply perfect and will appeal to beach brides everywhere.

Tales of the sea - inspirational beach wedding style fromSerpentine Shores and Salt & Sea Photography (22)

Bleak, wild, billowing and windswept; our inspiration for this shoot was stories of mythology, both Celtic and Classical. Particularly stories based around the coast and ocean. Stories foretelling of the sea’s peculiar, poetic and enigmatic nature. Subtly, our narrative was one of a sailor, a shipwreck, a sea spirit and a Shakespearean storm.