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So how do you avoid those quiet moments where guests with sleepy feet shuffle off the dancefloor for another gin and a quiet chat?

No one wants their wedding evening do to fizzle out. We all want to see our guests dancing like no one’s watching, busting those crazy moves to their favourite tunes and having the best time ever – all night long. But how can you plan this in advance? How can you know for sure that your wedding dancefloor will be packed out all night long?

The English Wedding Directory is our curated list of brilliant wedding vendors. Our Insta and Facebook are updated with new vendors when they join us, and the Directory is full of brilliant photographers, stationers, florists, stylists… everything you might need for the wedding of your dreams!

These lovely people have joined the English Wedding Directory in the last couple of weeks – and we have more coming up to share with you soon! Do take a moment to discover them, and if you like what you see why not get in touch and even book this weekend?


So in our first guide, we spoke about what to look for in a wedding band. We think the second most important aspect when planning your wedding entertainment is the venue. How and why you choose it are the biggies. In this article, we’re only going to stick to topics that we at Seventh Second feel we have enough experience to inform you on. Information on venue catering, seating and decoration won’t be covered for example. However, you will find some very, very important information in this article if you are planning on having any kind of entertainment at your wedding so read on!