So how’s that first day back at work going?! For me it’s a good one – I’ve packed and posted seven calligraphy orders already, my desk is almost clear – and I only have 70 or so emails in my inbox to reply to! [wedding photographers and suppliers – Our tier 1 & 2 advertising packages are HALF PRICE in January if you’re looking to get noticed on here! Click for more info]… My cat is snuggled up in his bowl next to me; it’s blowing a hoolie outside and I’m nice and warm in my little studio! Oh, and before I forget (haha)… I have the LOVELIEST real wedding to kick off our 2020!

Newlyweds Emily and Paul tied the knot at Dewsall Court in June. Their day is beautifully rustic and relaxed, with an edge of glamour and a wonderful sprinkling of summertime! Emily is stunning; Paul her perfect match, and you can see the love just shines from these two! Most of all I love this wedding because it’s REAL. The happy couple had friends and family help out with styling their day – the cake was made by a friend, and the couple made their own table plan (which is pretty damn awesome!) – and this blog is ALL about real, achievable and inspiring weddings!