Today’s wedding is gorgeous – elegantly styled with white flowers and tons of foliage, and with a delicious cake table and genius Jack Daniels & cigars table too! I’ve never seen this idea before and I love it so much. But the best thing about today’s wedding is the smooches and the love between beautiful Kayleigh and Stephen. They’re clearly so head over heels in love they’ve completely forgotten about the camera – and it’s such a joyful thing to see!

We spend an average of eighteen months planning a wedding – and the day itself is over in the blink of an eye. Imagine if you could spend just a little more time in your dress; have a few tranquil moments to enjoy being a bride again, after your wedding day.

Fine art bridal portraits by Kathryn Hopkins Photography on the English Wedding Blog (4)

Beautiful bride Faye spent a little time with one of the loveliest photographers I know – Kathryn Hopkins – doing just that. They went along to Great Ashfield House for a post-bridal shoot and captured a romantic set of images, taking time to make more memories for Faye of her bridal style and dress.

I’ll never be perfect. In fact, I never want to be. I’m not a perfect hair, make up, anything kind of girl. I like my life to be windswept and I practically live with sand in my shoes… I would like to think my wedding would be along those lines too! So when I see a shoot like this one, I fall head over heels in love.

Coastal wedding style ideas from fine art photographer Kathryn Hopkins (1)