I’d be willing to bet actual money that more than one person has already told you, don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Simple wedding styling ideas for a fine art wedding, image by Lara Rios Photography (5)

But that doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with those exquisite little details which will make your wedding beautiful…

Simple wedding styling ideas for a fine art wedding, image by Lara Rios Photography (6)

This is how I spend my time when I’m not writing the English Wedding Blog.

Simple wedding styling ideas for a fine art wedding, image by Lara Rios Photography (4)

Summer days are spent with my pen and inks, scribing names onto the most exquisite papers and working with brides and grooms to create beautiful styling touches for their weddings. I hope you like them!

Simple wedding styling ideas for a fine art wedding, image by Lara Rios Photography (7)

Lovely fine art wedding photographer Lara Rios was kind enough to take the sweetest photographs of some of my favourite place names earlier this year. Lara is based in the US, and is one of the reasons I love social media SO much – discovering people like Lara brightens my days. Do follow her on Instagram – she loves all the beautiful things which make my heart sing and her styling and photography is just divine.


This summer has been wonderful already. I’ve written for some amazing couples, worked on fabulous projects for wedding signage and stationery, and designed calligraphy suites for some of my favourite photographers. Tomorrow I’m teaching a calligraphy workshop in Manchester and we have another (booking up fast!) on the 19th of August. If you’d like to come along, you can book places in my Etsy shop now. But first… a few little notes about using calligraphy for your wedding day.

So many brides and grooms contact me looking for a special, personal touch to their day. Calligraphy is more than just writing: it’s art, craftsmanship and creativity – and as such it lends real elegance to place settings and wedding tables. Most of my work over the summer months is writing place names for weddings, and I thought I’d share some tips with you all today.

5 tips for styling your wedding tables with calligraphy

  1. Keep it simple – use flat cards, linen napkins and plain plates or chargers for a modern, elegant look

Morning everyone! I’m going to share a bit of my personal work today – because the projects I’ve been working on are pretty versatile and I think they’ll work beautifully for weddings as well as for *cough* Christmas. I know! It’s early – but I’m feeling festive. There’s even a freebie for you at the end of this page! I’ve already started Christmas shopping, haven’t you? I’m ready to wrap a few prezzies already!

wedding calligraphy christmas tags (1)
Wedding or Christmas calligraphy heart tags

I’ve been working with the lovely Kirstie Allsopp writing tags and labels for all sorts of things – we’ve labelled jars of chutney, apple juice, and gift tags over the last few weeks. I’ve added some of the designs I did for Kirstie to my Etsy shop, and there’ll be more coming soon. If you’re looking for tags for special presents then have a look! I hope you like them.


Hi everyone! Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking naughty festive thoughts already? I’ve been making plans for little Christmas baskets with calligraphy tags and labels – and in the process, I’ve put a new range of luggage tags in my Etsy shop for you. They’re perfect for wedding favours, being a little smaller than my usual place name cards, and have a creative little calligraphy swirl in two corners.

luggage tags calligrapher (4)

You can use tags in hundreds of ways at your wedding – I love glass bottles and have a habit of hanging my tags around bottles with twine, lace and other bits and pieces. You can also use them with little pegs on a cork board for your table plan, or attach them to sticks and put them in pies.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at the Pinterest board I made for you! Pinterest – ideas with tags and labels

luggage tags calligrapher (5)


Hello everyone! I have a special offer for all of you lovely English Wedding Blog readers today. I’ve been very busy in the calligraphy studio over the last couple of weeks with some gorgeous wedding orders and new designs as well!

wedding place name tags (2)

Calligraphy wedding tags – £1.50 each or £1.35 exclusively for English Wedding Blog readers!

I wanted to share my latest little wedding place name tags with you here today, and offer you an exclusive discount as well. You can save 10% off these tags if you order before the end of October 2013.

wedding place name tags (3)

The heart wedding tags are available in my Etsy shop to buy now. To claim your discount enter code ENGLISHWEDDING12 at the checkout – simple!

wedding place name tags (4)

Free samples of the wedding tags are available. Just email me with your wedding date, both of your names and tell me a little about the style of your day. Oh! And don’t forget to include your postal address for the sample!

Claire x



Is it just me or is everyone suddenly happier when the sun comes out? It’s been such a gorgeous week and I can’t wait for a lovely sunny weekend. And being full of good spirits I have made up an exclusive offer for you gorgeous readers!

10% off your wedding place names – all colours, all styles!

place names wedding calligrapher (3)

Photo credit Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com

I spent a big part of this week adding my full collection of wedding heart tags to my Etsy shop – I think there were about 80 photos to take, upload and describe on Wednesday! (And all that lovely sunshine beckoning from the other side of my laptop…)

calligraphy discount code

My online shop is now fully stocked and brides and grooms around the world* can buy place name hearts in every colour under the sun! Readers of the English Wedding Blog, being more attractive, clever and nicer people than everyone else, can also claim a 10% discount on every order over £50. Woohoo!

*I shipped my first calligraphy tags to Australia this spring! Happy days 🙂


Hello there! It’s ideas time – and a little explanation about the options for seating your wedding guests on the blog today. Will you choose place cards, escort cards or a seating plan – or should you have all three! The answer is no – and today’s guest blogger Jessica is here to explain all. Enjoy! Claire xxx

There are so many choices out there for how to seat guests on your wedding day. Some brides are lost as to what escort cards are, or at least a little confused about the difference between them and place cards. Aren’t they both there to help your guests find their seats? Yes! But they are, in fact, two completely different things. Simply put, escort cards guide your guests to their designated table, while place cards help guests find their assigned seat or should we say “place”?!! But then there are seating charts too…

wedding place setting ideas blog (3)

Wedding escort cards ideas – Photo credits: (From the top, left to right) Kolen Photography | design copyright Tantawan Bloom, Inc., 2012, Arnold Brower Photography | Kate Headley Photography


Hello you gorgeous lot! I have a treat for you today – as I’m having an amazing week I am full of the joys of spring (I’m also an optimist haha!) and I wanted to share an exclusive wedding calligraphy offer with English Wedding Blog readers this afternoon.

vintage wedding place names

Vintage wedding place name tags from Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com

I’ve shared a calligraphy blog post about vintage wedding place names on Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com (and explained how all my wedding calligraphy orders come in lovely little packages like presents!).

Exclusive offer for English Wedding Blog readers

I’d like to offer English Wedding Blog readers a 10% discount on orders for these wedding calligraphy place names, and the offer will run until the end of January.

All you need to do is email me (all the information is on the Calligraphy for Weddings website) with your approximate numbers, and let me know which of the place name card styles you’d like. I’ll ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order for any time this year, and when you mention this offer on English Wedding Blog I’ll apply the discount to your entire wedding place names order!