Let’s face it, everyone LOVES Pinterest. I can spend many an hour pinning the perfect boards but for many couples it’s totally overwhelming. There are so many images to pin, and each one is simply amazing.

Tales of the sea - inspirational beach wedding style fromSerpentine Shores and Salt & Sea Photography (24)

Couples can quickly find their boards filled with ideas and inspiration but the images have no cohesive style, colour theme or affordability. It can create total confusion when planning your dream day!

Tales of the sea - inspirational beach wedding style fromSerpentine Shores and Salt & Sea Photography (10)

So I wanted to give you an idea of how the professionals pull together amazing mood boards, ones which make sense, are achievable and make designing your wedding SO much easier.

Tales of the sea - inspirational beach wedding style fromSerpentine Shores and Salt & Sea Photography (11)

Read on to discover my top tips…

  1. Create a board for each section of your wedding – pull together a board for each individual element so attire, shoes, flowers, special details… anything and everything!
  2. Pin, pin, pin! –Pin everything you love regardless of colour, style and affordability. Go wild for any images you like or love.

Words & images by Amanda Karen Photography

As a bride to be I was a Pinterest addict, in fact I think I could have planned several weddings with all the things that inspired me! I was convinced I could be a DIY bride too, but thankfully realised very early on that this was not to be the case.

Essex wedding photographer Amanda Karen on the English Wedding Blog (7)
I think this is why I have such a mixed love-hate relationship with Pinterest, it’s amazing for inspiration and even to find suppliers, I love it for finding recipes for dinner. But when it comes to wedding planning I think there is a fine line between a casual browse for inspiration and losing hours pored over your phone and getting stressed because you can’t recreate the wedding on your board.

Essex wedding photographer Amanda Karen on the English Wedding Blog (3)

So how do you make the most of this visual inspiration site whilst still having a wedding that is true to you? Here are my tips…

Think about the look, feel and style for your wedding. That may be a colour palette you like, interests you share or even the venue you have chosen.


Happy Christmas Monday everyone! (There will be no more boringly named days this side of January, by the way!) Sitting here surrounded by fairy lights and candles made me think of all the pretty visual inspiration you can find online when planning your wedding, and I was considering how amazing – and how different – Pinterest and Instagram can be. One thing they have in common: they’re both essential tools for 2015 couples when it comes to wedding planning.

Belle Epoque wedding PixiesintheCellar (28)

Image credit Pixies in the Cellar | on one of my Flowers Pinterest boards | featured on the English Wedding Blog in December 2014


Pinterest – for your ideal wedding

Pinterest is full of Wow! photography. Swoonworthy images, styled bridal shoots, wedding blogs and pro imagery by the very best. Product photography on Pinterest comes from the best Etsy sellers; repins are the creme de la creme. It’s all about photography which makes you wish you lived in Pinterest!


Morning everyone! A little advice for you this morning, especially if you’re a little bit addicted to Facebook or Pinterest… it can’t just be me, can it?! How will you feel on your wedding day without your smart phone? Or should you bring it, along with your iPad, because you’ll need it on the day? All the answers are here – enjoy. I hope it’s useful! Claire xxx

For the tech-savvy couples of today there are hundreds of digital tools to track, share and tag just about every element of your special day. Whatever you want your wedding day to be, when it comes to technology etiquette for the big day, there are some dos and don’ts to follow to capture the memorable moments and avoid any digital faux pas.

bridesmaids smartphone by Howard Lucas Photography

Image credit: Howard Lucas Photography (Dorset)


Hello! Did you know there are now 600 real weddings on the English Wedding Blog? Whether you stumble across us on Google or are a regular reader, you’re bound to find whatever you need here. The easiest way to find weddings in your favourite style is to browse the real weddings category at the top menu of the blog.

suffolk wedding blog Kerry James Photography

Image credit Kerry James Photography – click to see more!

You can use the navigation menu to look for vintage weddings, luxury weddings, contemporary or alternative and even DIY weddings on the blog.

And for more wedding inspiration remember my facebook page has plenty of ideas from the weddings featured here as well as favourites I find on other wedding blogs – it’s a nice way to see what I’m reading and discover new blogs as well!

If pretty pictures are your thing then don’t forget Pinterest – the best way to collect ideas for your wedding and a lovely place to play as well.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Claire xxx


Have you used Pinterest for your wedding planning? I’m wondering whether I should include some of my favourite boards on this weekly* best wedding blogs feature. I’ve been pinning a lot this week and added a lovely new Pinterest button to the blog too! The old one was a piddly little thing which sat in the corner doing nothing, hehe. Anyway – let me know if you’d like more Pinterest boards in here!

english wedding blog

Photo credit Shaun Taylor Photography – a beautiful wedding with rustic and quirky elements

*you know the drill with this one… my definition of weekly is fluid. 😉

On we go – the best wedding blogs of the week. Enjoy! Claire xxx

Real wedding blogs


I hope you’ve had a brilliant week and are all ready for the weekend. Today’s blog post is a very quick reminder that you can find English Wedding Blog online wherever you go…

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  1. On your mobile deviceEnglish Wedding Blog is optimised for mobiles so you should find the daily real wedding features look as fantastic on your phone as they do on your desktop, laptop, macbook or iPad. Enjoy!
  2. On facebook – get involved and join in the chat at http://facebook.com/englishwedding. I share real wedding preview images as often as I can, and often when I’m researching a blog post I’ll ask for opinions on facebook so you can join in!
  3. On Pinterest – if you’re in the mood for pictures and wedding inspiration then check out my Pinterest boards at http://pinterest.com/claire2

english wedding blog pinterest


english wedding blog pinterestAre all the ideas you have for your wedding overflowing? Finding it difficult to explain your ideas to other people? Perhaps your scrapbook with torn out magazine pages stuck in it just isn’t cutting it anymore. Never fear, we have the perfect solution… Pinterest! Pinterest is the perfect place to store and organise all of your wedding ideas so you’ll never be left wondering exactly where you found those perfect wedding shoes again!

You’ll have done well to avoid all the hype about this latest social media phenomenon but if you have, Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard. It lets you organise and share all of the beautiful things you find on the Internet in a very visual way. ‘Pins’ describe the visuals that you collect and Pinterest ‘boards’ are where you store your pins of the same theme. You can create as many boards as you want. Here are some ideas you might want to create to help plan your wedding

  • My Perfect Wedding Dress
  • Reception Venues
  • Flower Arrangements
English Wedding blog Pinterest review feature

Dear blog… I’m sorry. I’ve strayed. I’ve found something else, fallen head over heels for a rival… it’s new and exciting, different and it’s taking up all my free time.

I’ve been hooked by Pinterest! And dearest English Wedding blog, while you’ll always be foremost in my heart (after all, I do love you in the deep and meaningful-est of ways) – I’m having a flirtation with Pinterest. Call it a crush.

Wedding blog pinterest feature (2) It’s shallow, I know – but this gorgeous little website is so very pretty and enchanting, it’s turning into a little bit of an addiction with me! I turn on the computer to blog something, I do a little research… I inevitably find a gorgeous creative wedding image I love, and I hit my little ‘Pin It’ button.

And we’re away. The addiction kicks in, the romance is back… I see what my friends have pinned, and my friends are fab so I repin their pins. I comment on their pins, and then I see the little heart icon on their boards and I click it. “I love this!” “Oooh so pretty!”


I love the concept behind Pinterest. It’s a bit new, but anything bright and shiny and ambitious makes me smile.

Pinterest share images website

Pinterest share images website - screengrab

For brides and grooms planning a wedding, it’s a fantastic idea. Browse the web, spot an image you love, bang a pin in it. It’ll appear on your pin board at Pinterest. Such an easy way to save all the ideas you find and love, and to share them with your friends and on wedding forums and stuff.

Thanks to Farrell & Chase for their blog post where I found Pinterest.

Sharing wedding planning images

Once again, the beauty of being a wedding blogger and running my own wedding business makes me think a bit harder about this. I’m aware of design copyright issues with images of things like wedding stationery and jewellery. I’ve seen the bunfights on forums many times!