Hey beautiful, are you doing ok? It’s so lovely to see everyone on insta doing the right thing and staying at home – I hope our blog and social feed are keeping you entertained and smiling!

Those of you who follow my other insta @bymoonandtide will have seen I’ve made my online calligraphy workshops FREE for the next 12 weeks. If you have a calligraphy pen at home, it’s time to have a play!

There are 6 video tutorials, each with worksheets you can download and print at home. All you need is a pen + nib, ink and paper.

Wedding DIY in 2017 is nothing new: we’ve all seen mason jars, glitter craft projects and yards of homemade bunting. But the trend is becoming more focused, with a nod to artisan design and true craftsmanship – simply wrapping everything up in hessian and lace is beginning to look just a little dated.

Beautiful calligraphy in a modern style photographed in Venice by Amanda Karen Photography (6)

The latest wedding style trends are all about skill. We love the abundance of flower workshops all over the UK. We’re excited by crafty hen parties, silversmithing workshops and brides and grooms who embrace a new challenge for their weddings. But our favourite simply has to be calligraphy.