It’s just eight weeks until I’m going to be a bridesmaid for Jean & Marco’s big day – and as I write, I have a potential dress on the way… folks, please keep your fingers crossed that it will fit, suit and flatter me! Eeeek! Being a bridesmaid is all very exciting – it’s my first time and I’m a little nervous – I’ve had bridesmaid dreams, even!! (Don’t ask!)

When Jean asked me it was really, really lovely – she’d bought purses for all of the bridesmaids to use on the day, and inside was a contribution towards a dress – she gave us all the choice of choosing our own dresses in her colour, which is lovely – and I was surprised (and delighted) that she’d included some money towards them.

So when the lovely folks at Oasis got in touch to share their insights about who should pay for bridesmaid dresses, I was keen to read more and find out how you’re all paying for them – and what most of us think ‘should’ be the right way to sort out dresses for our besties. Turns out, the majority of bridesmaids say brides should cover the cost, or “at least contribute” – especially if dresses are pricey!