Today’s wedding is gorgeous – elegantly styled with white flowers and tons of foliage, and with a delicious cake table and genius Jack Daniels & cigars table too! I’ve never seen this idea before and I love it so much. But the best thing about today’s wedding is the smooches and the love between beautiful Kayleigh and Stephen. They’re clearly so head over heels in love they’ve completely forgotten about the camera – and it’s such a joyful thing to see!

Images are by my lovely friend Kathryn Hopkins, whose photography you’ll see all over my wedding calligraphy website as well as in the English Wedding Bible (have you got your free copy yet?) Kathryn told me Kayleigh (who is her niece) “really is one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. She just cares so much about everyone and is so authentic and honest.” I think that beautiful personality shines through the pics, don’t you? – and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness.