Hey lovelies! Did you have a wonderful weekend? Ours was a busy one celebrating my amazing stepdaughter’s birthday so I’m starting Monday feeling happily frazzled and all warm and happy inside. Today’s feature is a little different: as a blogger I’ve seen thousands of weddings from hundreds of photographers over the years, and I’m a huge admirer of the craftsmanship and skill of wedding photographers. I was chatting with Sussex wedding photographer and friend of English Wedding Martin Beddall a few weeks ago, and he very kindly agreed to do a little interview for me. His answers give a fascinating insight into reportage photography – one of my favourite wedding photography styles and one I’d love for all of you to consider for your weddings! I hope you enjoy reading this: of course all of the stunning images are by Martin Beddall Photography.

Documentary wedding photographer in Sussex, photo credit Martin Beddall Photography (6)

Reportage and documentary wedding photography - traditions and tips! Martin Beddall Photography (31)

In 2019, there’s no need to stand still and say ‘cheese’. Have you ever wondered why the registrar will invite your guests up to take a pic of you “signing the register”, or why cutting the cake is such a big deal at weddings? It’s all about the photography, and dates back a generation to the times when wedding photographers had to very carefully capture 12 or 36 images on a film. You could almost count the ‘key moments’ to fit the photos on a roll of old school negatives! Documentary wedding photographer Martin Beddall explains how wedding photography has changed since our parents’ days, and how those traditional moments have become something really quite special in the age of documentary wedding photography.

Weddings have their traditions. Some are even actually old, like the wedding ring or the bouquet. Wedding photography has its traditions too. Or it used to…

In 2019 it really doesn’t need them!

The ‘traditions’ attached to wedding photography date back to an era when the camera technology meant that pictures needed to be ‘set up’ and flashed. “1..2..3, look this way…and smile!

A lovely marquee wedding in a Sussex village captured by Martin Beddall Photography (50)

Article by Entertainment Nation; header photo by Sussex wedding photographer Martin Beddall

The world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, now boasts over 35 million songs, while the number available for download from the iTunes Store has been rumoured at over 40 million – which sounds like a lot to us! With so much choice when it comes to music, one question repeatedly burns in our minds – why do we keep hearing the same songs at weddings?

Okay, the obvious answer is that they’re really great. There’s no question there! But polls from the last 10 years have shown that many of the old favourites are at last becoming endangered by more recent endeavours in pop, rock and hip hop. We’ll be sad to see some of the classics go – there’ll always be a spot in our hearts for anything by The Rolling Stones and The Beatles – but some won’t be as fondly missed. Y.M.C.A. springs to mind for us… and we’re sure you can name a few of your own!

A lovely marquee wedding in a Sussex village captured by Martin Beddall Photography (35)

Happy Friday my lovelies! After a pretty full week on the blog we have one of those wonderfully relaxed, countryside tipi weddings to share with you today. Beautiful bride and gorgeous groom Lucy and Ian, along with their guests, simply walked from their ceremony to the reception in the charming village of Singleton, in the Lavant valley near Chichester. Their five month old daughter Maisie is the star of the show – how adorable is this tiny human?!

A lovely marquee wedding in a Sussex village captured by Martin Beddall Photography (34)

Images are by a great friend of English Wedding, Sussex wedding photographer Martin Beddall Photography. Martin’s reportage style images have an exceptional quality and capture moments and memories in such a thoughtful way. This pic (below) is an absolute favourite for me – and huge respect for the brilliant vicar (“Rev Kev”, I believe!) who was happy for Martin to be close in for some amazing ceremony shots. (Those two curious little faces peeping around Ian’s legs!! So cute!)

A lovely marquee wedding in a Sussex village captured by Martin Beddall Photography (13)


favourite Sussex wedding venues from Goodwood to the Party Field, with Martin Beddall Photography (7)

Sussex is a beautiful part of our country – if you’re getting married here you’re SO lucky! Not only do you have the sunniest coastline in the UK to enjoy, you have THE most amazing choice of wedding venues. You’ll find every imaginable wedding venue in Sussex, from the grandeur and magnificence of Goodwood to the relaxed and whimsical Party Field. Together with our friend and English Wedding member, Sussex wedding photographer Martin Beddall Photography, we’ve put together a list of 12 of the best Sussex wedding venues – with something for every couple, no matter what your budget or wedding style might be!

1. Cissbury Barns

favourite Sussex wedding venues from Goodwood to the Party Field, with Martin Beddall Photography (11)

All images are by Sussex wedding photographer Martin Beddall Photography

Unique and stylish, spacious barn wedding venue with two barns to choose from! The Cissbury Estate is in the South Downs national park, with beautiful grounds making this a tranquil haven to enjoy. The barns themselves are 200 years old, brick and flint and were used for sheep farming back in the day. They’re now beautifully transformed inside, with huge doors opening onto a lawned garden and patio area. The light floods in when these are open – so they’re wonderful if the weather is on your side! Surrounded by woodland, the barns are secluded and this makes them a really special place for your Sussex wedding.

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Reportage wedding photography has my heart. In the 10 years since English Wedding began I’ve seen thousands of weddings. They all have a story, they’re all personal and unique and beautiful. And the images which capture the spirit and story of a wedding are the images which will stand the test of time. Always.

So it’s with genuine pleasure that I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite reportage wedding photographers in the UK. Sussex wedding photographer Martin Beddall specialises in reportage photography (otherwise known as documentary wedding photography, or wedding photojournalism) – his website is a brilliant place to go to see what reportage wedding photography is all about.

Sussex wedding photographers Martin Beddall Photography (16)

Wedding photography for couples who don’t want all that old fashioned, traditional setup stuff – but instead, want their wedding day captured in a series of natural, evocative images, that capture the atmosphere of the day. The story of the day. Natural, honest, unobtrusive reportage wedding photography.


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I think Diana and John are amazing and I can’t think of a better way to end the week than with this brilliant wedding. If you don’t smile along with John in the next few minutes then your heart is made out of bricks and you’re on the wrong wedding blog. (Oh but I know you’ll smile because this is the best feel-good wedding, I promise you’ll love it!)

wedding blog London Martin Beddall (1)

Diana is gorgeous and wears the cutest Candy Anthony wedding dress. John is an absolute star who wears his heart on his sleeve and has the best, biggest, most adorable smile ever! Together they make a standout couple and I just love the whole spirit of their wedding day. You will too.

wedding blog London Martin Beddall (2)

Diana and John’s wedding will also appear in my real weddings menu at the top of the English Wedding Blog. See more London weddings on the English Wedding Blog by navigating from the top menu of the English Wedding Blog to real weddings by region! Huge thanks to my lovely friend and wedding photographer Martin Beddall for sharing this wedding with us all today. Enjoy!
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Hello everyone! I find myself captivated by today’s wedding… as I’ve been scrolling through the beautiful images of Kirsty-Anne and James’s London wedding this morning I’ve welled up a little – this is an incredible story.

Wedding in London MCB weddings Martin Beddall (1)

But I can’t resist introducing this wedding in a different way: there is a wonderful sequence of images showing Kirsty-Anne’s pretty flower girl whose excitement is the most amazing thing to see!

This of course is a beautiful wedding from beginning to end: Kirsty-Anne and James make a stunning couple; the dress is divine; the venues magnificent. Documentary wedding photographer Martin Beddall captures the emotion of this London wedding and his images have put me in such a romantic mood this morning!

Kirsty-Anne was run over just six months before her wedding day and her recovery gives us real perspective on what’s important here: love, marriage and the celebration of two people committing to sharing a life together. With my thanks to Martin Beddall for the images and to Kirsty-Anne and James for sharing their story. This is beautiful. Enjoy.


Hello again! Is it just me or is it starting to feel as though summer’s just around the corner? We all know what that means… lots of lovely weddings! I was up at dawn (one of my cats decided it was time to play) and opened the back door to a clear, silent, fresh morning. It’s nearly May already, can you believe – and it’s always sunny in May. I know this because May is my birthday month. There’s usually a mini heatwave too. I can’t wait!

Wedding blog by Martin Beddall (1)But back to weddings. I’ve been watching the little sidebar widget on the blog this week, which feeds through from the English Wedding Showcase blog. (I’ve moved it up to the top right for a few days so you can see it better.) And after a steady flow of engagement shoots on the Showcase blog, it’s fab to see wedding after wedding appearing on there. I love it!


documentary wedding photography (36)

Be ready to catch yourself smiling – gazing at your screen with a bit of a romantic grin on your face. Whether you’re in the office pretending to work, or maybe at home in your pyjamas all wrapped up for Christmas… I’m going to stop you in your tracks with this beautiful wedding story. Down with your pens, sellotape, gin and sparklers ladies -because this wedding’s a gem.

documentary wedding photography (34)

Gail and Mark’s Tythe Barn wedding was submitted by wedding photographer Martin Beddall. Gail wrote a short wedding report to go along with the pictures, and I’m going to leave the wedding photographs to tell their own story. Because they do – all on their own.

Martin is a documentary wedding photographer in Sussex and a friend and sponsor of English Wedding blog. His focus is on capturing moments during your wedding day; his talent is in recording your wedding day in the most beautiful way. There’s rather an unusual ‘part two’ to this blog feature coming up tomorrow.