I’m thinking dreamy escapism as we head for the weekend… is that okay with you lovelies? Let’s wish ourselves away from our tiers and our troubles for just a moment and imagine ourselves in the French hills. Although of course – this is English Wedding and our French vibes come all the way from the Cotswolds! Our lovely friend Hannah McClune has shared her beautiful images from a styled editorial shoot at Manor by the Lake. With a team of fabulous suppliers, this really is a dream wedding vibe and I hope you adore dreaming yourselves down those French country lanes with me!

I’m doing everything I can to shine positivity into the interweb and keep our screens beautiful, inspiring and happy through difficult times. We all need a little joy, whether that’s from a spot of sunshine in our back gardens or from scrolling through favourite websites and wedding inspiration channels. I hope, lovely readers, today’s wedding will lift your spirits as it has mine. The happy couple are Emma & Adam, and Manor by the Lake wedding photographer Martin Dabek captured their day so beautifully.

manor by the lake wedding photographer-06


Matthew and Selina are both musicians, and took inspiration from music when styling their wedding. It’s a wonderfully glamorous day full of sequins and sparkle, with a laid back vibe. The bouquet is breathtaking – and don’t you just love Selina’s glorious hair colour?

“Our wedding style was all about boho glamour with geometric shapes. We took inspiration from our favourite colours, hobbies, styles and eras.
Music plays a huge role in our lives due to both being musicians who met on a music course at university, which is why the table names were the surnames of our favourite musicians. We were inspired by music, the 1920’s, boho hippie style, nature and geometric shapes (the latter due to Matthew’s scientific and mathematical side).