For those of you settling back into a more tranquil home as kiddies head back to school today… welcome. Please come and join us in this relaxed and pretty little space of the internet, where flowers and beautiful things distract us from the bustle of our daily routines. Today we have a gorgeous, mini summer vintage styled shoot from Lauren Beth, a photographer based in East Sussex. Lauren recently arranged a mini summer vintage styled shoot with a small group of suppliers – as this took place in the midst of lockdown, where photographing couples/ models was not possible, Lauren took the opportunity to focus on the details that go into making a wedding day special!

When lovely Lauren sent me these images, she said she hopes this little shoot can inspire future couples that small wedding set ups can be just as beautiful as large gatherings. I couldn’t agree more – and I think the photos you’re about to see are all the proof we need that cosy and intimate can be ever so lovely when it comes to weddings. With love,