What’s the point in wedding favours? They’re often the first items to be culled from a budget spreadsheet… but we know from our real life couples weddings that they can mean so much more than you might think.

Wedding favours are traditionally a way to say thank you to your guests. The challenge is to give something your guests will appreciate and enjoy: something personal, and something meaningful.

Charity wedding favours are the perfect way to thank guests, honour absent friends, and support a worthwhile cause on your special day.

Your wedding is a huge opportunity to raise a ton of money for charity. Please – if you’re already living together and don’t need a pile of gifts from your loved ones, consider asking for donations instead. Charities will suffer while we make our way through the cost of living crisis – and it’s a good time to remember there are people who are desperately in need of financial help, more than you ‘need’ an expensive honeymoon.

The lovely folks at Macmillan asked us to share their wedding favours, and we think they’re adorable and a very, very worthy cause.