It was almost impossible to choose a feature photo for today’s blog – there are SO many gorgeous moments in Rika & Alex’s day! Not to mention all the colourful and eclectic elements and styles – and the stunning couple themselves. I have absolutely adored poring over the richness of this wedding, and I hope you love it as much as I do! The photographer is amazing: Cambridge wedding photographer Damien Vickers. The venue is breathtaking and different and a paradise all of its own: can you imagine getting wed at Kew Gardens?  Congratulations to lovely Rika & Alex – your wedding is out of this world!

You can’t beat a wedding with a really fun story. Lovely Jade and Carl invited all of their guests to their children’s christening – and surprised them with an extra: they got MARRIED!! It makes the photos of the beginning of the day even more special, knowing that for most of the guests, the whole thing was a secret surprise!

Jade and Carl surprised their christening guests with a WEDDING! Images by Anoif Photography on (8)

Images are by lovely Fiona at Anoif Photography, who gets a fabulous review from Jade and Carl in their interview (at the end of the blog post). Photography was the couple’s biggest spend, and one they’re very glad of – for while this was very much a DIY wedding on a budget, the images will last a lifetime and I love the piece of family history they’ve captured for our lovely bride and groom!