Hey beautiful! Today we’re sharing this wonderful, windswept editorial with joy in our hearts. Autumn days have their own kind of magic: it’s all about embracing the beauty of nature and falling in love with the elements, no holding back! Lovely Jessica Lily sent this one in, and I just love it to bits. The dress has a natural grace and magic to it; the bouquet is stunning, and the location is pretty damn special, don’t you think?! There’s a beautiful invite by lovely LouPaper, which would look amazing teamed with bare wooden tables dressed with trailing foliage and autumnal candles…

Sussex Coast wedding photography wild spirit style Jessica Lily Photography (1)

“The concept of this shoot was to take boho elegance and beauty to the coast. We chose Rottingdean Windmill as it was nostalgic to me but also I hope the location inspires future brides and grooms planning to have outdoor weddings: there really are some hidden gems in the UK.

The bride’s attire was a delicate plunge gown with intricate lace detail created by renowned bridal designer Alon Livne. I decided to keep the model barefoot and use foot accessories to keep with the boho theme.” ~ Jessica Lily Photography