It’s a common misconception that buying an engagement or wedding ring on a budget means you can’t buy sustainably and ethically. English Wedding members Jacqueline & Edward are here to bust that myth and show you how you how you can buy affordably without compromising on quality or your eco values.

How to Buy an Affordable Engagement Ring

A grandmotherly wedding guest is inspecting a bride's ring at close quarters while other guests peer over her shoulder to see.

Photograph by Piccolino Weddings

Buying an Ethical Engagement or Wedding Ring on a Budget, by Jacqueline & Edward

Here’s our guide on how to get an affordable yet beautiful, ethical, made to order engagement ring… 

A blue wedding dress and fabulous suit – both Vivienne Westwood and wonderfully alternative for our lovely couple today. We’re loving the glorious summer skies and a trip across the countryside in a vintage blue bus! This is a dream of a wedding in Cumbria, with fabulous images by our friend and English Wedding member Jaye-Peg Photography.

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How did you choose your photographer?

We searched online and chose the photographer because we liked her style.