Honeymoons have evolved into far more than just chilling on a beach for a couple of weeks. In fact, it’s way more fashionable to have a honeymoon that’s just a little bit different. Whether it’s hopping in a car and hitting the open road or adding a green, environmentally friendly tinge to your honeymoon, there really is no limit to what your honeymoon can look like. So, get ready to throw out the rulebook and do what you want to do! Here’s just a few honeymoon trends that we think will be on the rise in 2020…


1. Eco-friendly honeymoons

When it comes to travelling, people are becoming more environmentally conscious, whether it’s limiting the single-use plastics they use while they’re away or choosing to book somewhere that only serves farm-to-fork food. This extends to the world of honeymoons, where newlyweds are keen to learn how they minimise their carbon footprint while staying in paradise. Hotels such as Bawah Reserve in Indonesia or Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives are always looking at ways in which they can reduce waste, offer a sustainable way of living and both educate and get guests involved so they feel like they’re giving back to the natural paradise they’re staying in.


While we twiddle our thumbs and wait for summer, let’s think about honeymoons for a change! The lovely folks from 101 Honeymoons (who you will find in the English Wedding Directory) have shared some fave destinations with us today… and while I’m a Sugar & Loaf style, UK glamping girl at heart, those stunning blue seas and skies of the Maldives are looking pretty appealing right now! Which is your dream honeymoon destination?

1. The dreamy islands of the Maldives and the exciting buzz of the Arabian Gulf make a great combination, particularly for a winter honeymoon. Many flights to the Maldives now include a change of aircraft in Dubai or Abu Dhabi so it’s easy to add on a few days of dining, shopping and sightseeing. Find the best two-centres with Barefoot Traveller.

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2. For a gorgeous eco-friendly honeymoon close to home, check out Sugar & Loaf which has a charming collection of romantic cottages for two, yurts in summer meadows and boho-style boutique hotels, mostly in rural Wales.

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A guest article by Bibi at Truly Experiences

You’re about to get hitched. You’re happy. You’re head-over-heels in love. But you’re heavily distracted by one not-so-tiny, crucial detail – where to go on your honeymoon!

The way I see it, honeymoons are a personal reward for you and your new life partner. After months of wedding stress, the two of you can stop worrying about your friends and family, and just focus on yourselves. It’s a wonderful opportunity (before the realities of life start again) when you can splurge on unique honeymoon destinations and experiences and not feel guilty. So make the most of it!

Sure, you can fly off to a white sandy beach and lounge around with a Pina Colada in your hand. But why not rather spend your time (and money) on a bucket-list-worthy experience? An out-of-this-world location you’ve always wanted to visit, or an adventurous escape you’ve always wanted to do. Something that you’ll never forget. Something that you can look back on and say wow, remember how we started our lives together?


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Because English Wedding blog focuses on weddings close to home, there isn’t much opportunity to venture to exotic locations or to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at fabulous destinations. However… as it’s so cold outside, and we’re all wrapped up in scarves and thermals this month, I thought it was time to talk honeymoons! This is a guest blog post – I hope you enjoy it.

For many couples postulating and pondering over where to go on their honeymoon can be a tricky task and more often than not the last thing on their minds is the perceived rough and tumble of an African safari. Indeed usually those first envisaged flashes of inspiration are embodied by three simple elements; a wide swathe of powder white sand, the warmth of an unbroken sun-filled sky and the gentle lapping waters of a gin-clear tropical ocean. Quite the picture postcard; and who am I to argue that this Robinson Crusoe-esque idyll isn’t the perfect way to celebrate a loving new union?

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