Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe today’s styled wedding inspiration feature. This is one for every girl who’s ever dreamed of a stately home wedding – the styling touches are exquisite; the florals divine; the photography so perfectly beautiful… with words and images by the incredibly talented Tara Statton Photography at Great Fulford in Devon.

Elegant and classy ideas for a mansion wedding in Devon, images by Tara Statton Photography (17)

“The inspiration for our shoot was centered around the beautiful and historic Great Fulford Estate. It has so much charm with its grand rooms, wooden paneling, marble floors and imposing staircase. You can just imagine guests in all of their English finery attending parties within these huge rooms hundreds of years ago. The walls are adorned with gold framed oil paintings and decorated with blue grey tones. Yet amongst its grandeur, the manor house has a shabby element to it in a romantic and beautiful sort of way, with pealing wallpaper and a distressed edge to it. This combination is what really drew us to Great Fulford as a location for our shoot, it has a uniqueness that sets it aside from some of the more polished venues.


Kaari and Kelly's Osea Island wedding - image credit Ayshea Goldberg Photography Essex (19)

Osea Island is paradise personified. The venue only needed a few touches to make our Gatsby theme come to life!

In the months leading up to the wedding my flat looked like a storage depot mixed with a mad artist with a penchant for glitter, ribbon and foam board. A shout out to my amazing girlfriends who DIY’d into the stratosphere with me and forgave my toddler like meltdowns (e.g. world is now ending because one shade of gold ribbon is different than the other :/) I so owe them.

Kaari and Kelly's Osea Island wedding - image credit Ayshea Goldberg Photography Essex (3)

My sister-in-law was scheduled to be our photographer – but unfortunately at the last minute she was unable to attend the wedding. I was in a panic – overwhelmed by planning and unable to process any major changes. My husband really stepped up and through the magic of Google and Ayshea’s amazing and captivating site he knew she was the one. Once I spoke to her – and she was warm – I knew we were in good hands. And we were.


She purred…” said our PM this week, and I quite liked it. Oh, to purr in velvety tones with all the glamour of a Hollywood starlet – I’d love to speak that way! It’s how I imagine today’s super glamorous bride would sound: she has that timelessly elegant beauty originating from the Great Gatsby era and I know you’ll adore this shoot!

Sperry tents

Our bride wears the most exciting of vintage styles: an Eliza Jane Howell designer wedding gown with sequins, sheer sleeves and a fabulous belt, all in the softest shades making a gently sophisticated statement. Her groom wears a luxurious navy suit with bow tie, creating a look both elegant and vintage which fits the style of the day.

PapaKata wedding blog (49)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (52)Sperry tentsGreat Gatsby wedding blog (54) Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (46)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (48)Sperry tentsPapaKata wedding blog (29)

Combining rich, midnight blues and natural textures with minimal design and a focus on comfort, the setting for the shoot is one of PapaKata’s gorgeous new Sperry tents – indeed today’s styled shoot is the brainchild of PapaKåta, The Wedding Affair and Dominic Wright Photography.

Dominic Wright Photography wedding blog (35)Sperry tentsDominic Wright Photography (39)


Today I’m over the moon to be sharing a styled shoot from PapaKåta, The Wedding Affair and Dominic Wright Photography. The star of the day? Well aside from our gorgeous couple, it has to be the beautiful tent doesn’t it? Just… wow!

wedding tents UK (52)

Imagine celebrating your wedding under canvas with something glamorous, exciting and brand new to the UK. This is worlds away from a dingy old marquee – Sperry Tents are brand new to this country, and they’re the prettiest, classiest, most amazing places for a wedding reception you could possibly dream of!

wedding tents UK (19)
wedding tents UK (20)
wedding tents UK (40)

I’ve been a MASSIVE fan of PapaKåta since the beginning of the English Wedding Blog back in 2011. Wedding teepees were brand new, and we loved their rustic, eco style. PapaKåta is now the UK’s biggest supplier of teepees and back in February I heard they were bringing Sperry Tents – fabulous American styled tents – over to the UK. Sperry Tents are huge in the US, always on the world’s top wedding blogs, and I’m more excited than I can even begin to tell you to be sharing this shoot with you today.


Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a lovely week. I’m working on a few little blog features for the weeks ahead and I’ve had to turn off the TV, avoid reading anything online or in magazines and steer pretty clear of wedding blogs and websites – as well as my inbox!

The Great Gatsby

Is it me or do they look a tiny bit bored already?

Why? I’m all Great Gatsbied-out.

Art Deco is a wonderfully inspiring style. It doesn’t quite fit with my wedding calligraphy business, but the striking lines and impactful fonts make for amazing wedding stationery. The glitz and glam are to die for as far as wedding dresses and bridal accessories go. But I need to make a confession: it’s not really me.

So I’m looking for fresh alternatives to Gatsby styling and wedding ideas which aren’t inspired by art deco this week! Can you help me?