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Wedding traditions can be so much fun – the clouds of confetti, the giggles as your girls help with your garter in the morning, the cutting of the cake and your first dance… But they can also be a little awkward. Throwing the bouquet to your single friends isn’t a comfortable moment for everyone. And sadly not all of us are lucky enough to have our dads there to walk us down the aisle.

So when I think of wedding traditions, it’s the new, fun and entertaining ones I love. The rest I can do without! And I’m so happy to see modern couples making their own traditions, and happily ignoring the old fashioned etiquette! This is one time when you might really need to stick to your guns with the whole “your day, your way” mantra – and don’t let anyone make you feel obliged to embrace traditions you’re really not comfortable with!


Etiquette is a word which turns me cold. It just implies a ton of rules and regulations, and the risk of doing things ‘wrong’ – and planning a wedding is hard enough without having to worry about wordings and receiving lines and whose name goes first, right? Etiquette and traditions go pretty much hand in hand, and I’m all for burning the rule book and doing things your own way – who’s with me?

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So I had a little chat with a few friends on our Facebook page the other day. Here’s a list of 4 brilliant wedding traditions we love… and 9 we really do seem to hate!

Traditions we still love…

1. Confetti. Paper and petals, laughter and celebration!

“My favourite wedding tradition is confetti. From both a bride and a videographer point of view it always makes for a wonderful photo/video moment. Everyone’s so happy and excited, it’s a proper ‘yey we are married’ moment for me!” Charlene, Love Gets Sweeter


The question of etiquette came up the other day when I was chatting with brides – specifically, whose name should come first on invitations: his or hers? It inspired me to write a feature about wedding traditions and etiquette – and as you can see from the title, it’s not my favourite thing.

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I know many of us choose which traditions to include in our weddings: it’s nice to throw confetti, to cut the cake and give wedding favours. But personally I’d love to see new traditions instead of boring old etiquette: with a focus on creativity, saving money and enjoying more relaxed and intimate celebrations with closest friends and family. Is it just me?

All images used today are from a styled shoot with Amanda Karen Photography, previously featured on the English Wedding Blog. There’s a full supplier list at the end of the article.