beautiful elopement images from Gretna Green, images by Camilla Lucinda Photography (16)

There’s something about an elopement – the romance of it all just gets me, every time! Nick and Kristina’s love just shines from the photos of their special day. There’s no nerves, none of the formality or embarrassment that being in front of a big crowd of people can sometimes bring. These two lovely people are joyful, blissfully happy from the moment we first see them – and yes, it makes me want to elope, right now, to Gretna Green!

beautiful elopement images from Gretna Green, images by Camilla Lucinda Photography (14)



I LOVE this! Everything from the tablecloth to the way Alice grins towards the camera… the bouquet, the cake… it’s all just so perfect. I do adore a styled shoot – they’re wonderful for inspiration, ideas, and for making my eyes such happy little places. More than anything, I love a smiling bride in a shoot. (Brides smile – there’s nothing more beautiful to share on a blog, right?) Today we tick all the boxes because this is just such a dreamy, beautiful setting… over to lovely Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography to tell you more:

A stunning elopement with a relaxed, boho beach vibe - images by Kitty Wheeler Shaw (34)


I love an elopement more than anything… and as the magazines tell us weddings are getting ever more expensive, couples are embracing the latest trend and running away together again. But times have changed and we all want our lives, Instagram feeds and elopements to look amazing… so I asked Nicola from Ever After – A Dartmoor Wedding to share her very modern take on elopements with us! Enjoy. claire gould calligrapher signature

“Elopement weddings, intimate weddings, runaway weddings, micro weddings – whatever you call them, they’re becoming increasingly popular.


Elopements have been flitting across my wedding blog radar for the last couple of years, and they’re right at the forefront of my mind just now. I love the idea of running away together!

Run away with me? Vintage wartime styled shoot by Suzy Mitchell Photography

Styled shoot by the fabulous Suzy Mitchell Photography. Click the image to see more; full supplier list below

UK weddings have changed so much but elopements have been happening forever. When society was strictly disapproving couples had to run away to be married for all sorts of reasons. Now, elopement is a choice. Marriage and weddings have grown bigger and more extravagant, and with the current trend for DIY, weddings are now hugely time consuming – and for many couples your wedding will be the biggest project of your lives!


Who would have thought that elopements would be trending in 2014? We certainly haven’t fallen out of love with the romance of running away to be married, and I’m delighted to be able to share Chris and Gil’s vintage elopement photos with you today.

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They’re a creative, fun and gorgeous couple who eloped to New York – what an amazing idea, right?! On their return to the UK they were looking for an alternative wedding photographer to capture some shots of them, and David from Vogue Shot fit the bill perfectly!

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