Guest article by Martina Selvagi – Wed Our Way

It’s not about the frills, it’s about the faces. So many couples I meet today are family-first (or friend-first). What they want more than anything is an intimate wedding day they can fully drink in and enjoy with the people they love – one that isn’t so immersed in excess that the real meaning of the day gets lost.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll love the tips I have in store for you on how to create a perfectly personalized destination wedding that splurges in the areas you care about, but is simple enough to hold true to your values, priorities and budget.

1. Release Expectations

To really embrace the notion of a simple, intimate destination wedding, you need to first ditch the mentality of perfection and competition, including what you expect of yourself and what others expect of you.

On perfection


I’m beginning to see why weddings abroad are so popular – if only from looking outside my window this week and from all the soggy jeans and squidgy trainers by the radiator this week (I have short legs). If you’re considering getting married abroad, you might find this advice from new guest blogger Michelle comes in handy to get you started. Michelle is an expert in planning weddings overseas, and shares her top tips below.

“Greetings readers of English Wedding,

With the price of an average British wedding rising (£20,000 at last glance), and British weather being, erm, temperamental at best; a fair priced wedding on a gorgeously warm and tropical island has become an increasingly attractive option for many English brides.

Hummingbird Hall in JamaicaYet for some, the thought of planning a wedding abroad can be both bewildering and a little intimidating. Not least because – except for a small minority – very few couples have the ability to view their wedding location and meet those who will be making their day special until a few days before.