We’re looking back on an amazing year of real weddings, editorial photoshoots and glorious prettiness on the English Wedding Blog. We’ve shared features with so many amazing suppliers, I wanted to introduce you to some of our favourites today – and where better to begin than with the folks who turn dreams into reality? It takes a huge amount of talent and skill to be a wedding stylist and planner: these guys have an eye for beautiful design and a head for figures, logistics and calm reassurance. I take my hat off to every single one of these wonderful planners – and I would recommend them to any couple looking for a little extra help with any aspect of wedding planning.

Copper and succulents for a Refinery wedding with Amanda Karen Photography Essex (18)

Our pages are so often filled with soft, feminine styling ideas and fabulous floral-filled stately home weddings. My heart is equally drawn to urban celebrations with a quirky or chic aesthetic, and today’s shoot from lovely Amanda Karen Photography combines the best of both worlds with a fabulous floral curtain and sleek, copper styling touches.

The Refinery by Drake and Morgan is such a brilliant venue: in Regent’s Place, central London, and with a cool and urban interior, it works perfectly for this industrial luxe wedding style, brought together by Carmela weddings.

Copper and succulents for a Refinery wedding with Amanda Karen Photography Essex (7)

“Your wedding ceremony should be the most important aspect of your wedding day. It’s the part that really matters, the reason you and your guests are all there and the reason for the reception afterwards – to celebrate what happened in that ceremony.”

Alternative and unique wedding ceremonies with Carmela Weddings London and Surrey (1)

Photo credit: Maureen Du Preez

By Lisa at the fabulous Carmela Weddings

In reality, it is the part of the wedding day that is most often overlooked and more time spent on décor and entertainment than the words you’ll say to each other when you actually get married. I get it. It’s not the fun part and because of the rules around what words have to be said/can’t be said when using a registrar, there’s often not a great deal to decide on anyway other than some music and a couple of readings, right?