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Do you celebrate Halloween? Here at English Wedding HQ I love the old belief in fairies and spirits – it’s said they can reach us more easily tonight than at any other time in the year… so I see it as a time to pray for loved ones lost; to celebrate their lives and look back on precious times and memories shared. It’s also a lovely opportunity to cook pumpkin stuff – I actually spent a few happy moments writing on a little pumpkin in my calligraphy class the other week! Anyway – before I begin today’s blog post I have a request for wedding stylists and photographers – I would love to feature this year’s Halloween weddings on the blog this time next year. If you’re styling or shooting a wedding today, please consider submitting it for publication on English Wedding next year. We don’t need ghosts and goths (although, that would be pretty awesome!) – I’m looking for weddings with orange, autumnal or pumpkin styling ideas to inspire our readers. Thank you!


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I don’t really talk about me much, so I thought maybe I should come out from hiding behind my screen and tell you / show you who I am and a little bit more about me! Feel free to ignore if you’re looking for wedding dress inspo… but please read on if you’d like me to make your wedding invitations!

Hi! I’m Claire. I write the English Wedding Blog. This is me.

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That was the path to the beach, which starts at the end of the road my house is on. I spend a lot of time there and pretend it’s on the way to the post office. It isn’t – the post office is ten minutes walk away but I go the scenic (beach) way which takes twenty.

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This is my desk. This is where I’m sat writing the blog right now. I don’t have a laptop – my old one got a bit burny one day so I upgraded to a device which I can only work on while I’m sat at my desk. It helps work life balance a LOT!


I found my way into the world of weddings via my penchant for old pens, bottles of ink and love of everything papery. Who knew my love for beautiful lettering would bring me to the pages of the English Wedding Blog, and be my introduction to such a creative and exciting industry? Ten years since the launch of Calligraphy for Weddings, I stumble across my lettering on some of the hottest wedding blogs in the world – and I love working on every single commission and project I’m asked to be a part of.

Elegant wedding calligraphy in gold ink photographed by Taylor & Porter Echoes at Enys (4)

I’m currently obsessed by the fabulous Taylor & Porter – whose visual storytelling is some of the most exquisite I’ve ever seen. Creating stationery for their styled shoots in 2015 was one of my business highlights of all time; I can only dream of writing more for the attention of their loveliest of lenses in the coming months.


Calling all arty crafty brides and grooms! Today I have a little creative project I think you’ll love – if you’ve a paper fetish and own a watercolour brush this wedding craft idea is especially for you!

make your own watercolour place settings for weddings with calligraphy (9)make your own watercolour place settings for weddings with calligraphy (6)

Watercolour washing cards for your wedding place settings is a fun, colourful and rewarding craft project – and I’ve written you a step by step guide based on how I do these in my calligraphy studio. The watercolour preparation is really easy for crafty brides; the calligraphy lettering requires a little practice and of course the right equipment which you can buy in my calligraphy starter kit on Etsy. Allow yourself a good few hours (not necessarily all at once!) to learn your way around the pen and lettering styles… and then give these a try!


make your own watercolour place settings for weddings with calligraphy (1)

Hot pressed watercolour paper sheets
Gouache paints
Calligraphy dip pen and Nikko G nib
Black calligraphy ink
Watercolour brush
Stanley knife and ruler
Metallic thread (optional)

make your own watercolour place settings for weddings with calligraphy (10)

Step by step tutorial:

make your own watercolour place settings for weddings with calligraphy (5)


Modern calligraphy workshops – information & online booking

Hello there lovely blog readers 🙂 I hope you’re having a fun week. May is flying by and it’s less than a month until my calligraphy class in Manchester – and I’d LOVE for you to come! There are a few spaces left, so here are the details again. Don’t be shy; get your creative hat on* and come join us for a fun, arty, and exciting day!

book calligraphy class manchester

Learn calligraphy – join my calligraphy class in Manchester

Modern hand lettering is one of the loveliest DIY projects you can do for your wedding – and it’s a skill you’ll never lose! Learn quirky calligraphy in a one-day workshop and take your dip pen and nib (and some goodies) home with you too!

There are only limited spaces available – book today!

*If you have an especially creative hat, you are welcome to wear it 🙂


So many couples spend weeks or months looking for a wedding invitation that’s just a little different – and the secret is to find a bespoke design. Simple! I love discovering new designs and getting to know stationery designers, and meeting Kate from Olive and Reid was just lovely.

street art wedding invites  (1)

The best stationery designers are those whose personalities shine in their work: the truly creative will showcase invitations and stationery which are unique and full of character. Kate’s street art wedding stationery made my heart sing: the combination of bold colours, stencil-style street art and modern calligraphy is divine!

Kate writes a great blog about her experiences learning calligraphy and she came to meet me at The Handmade Fair last month – her enthusiasm for calligraphy and design is infectious!

street art wedding invites  (2)

Established by Kate Reid in 2014, a south west London-based calligrapher, Olive & Reid is an evolving place focused on the artistry of words through modern calligraphy and hand lettering. More than a blog or a design studio, Olive & Reid is where Kate shares her own calligraphy design, promotes the work of other stationery desginers and showcases UK-based calligraphers and lettering artists’ work. has been my favourite read this summer!


Morning everyone! I’m going to share a bit of my personal work today – because the projects I’ve been working on are pretty versatile and I think they’ll work beautifully for weddings as well as for *cough* Christmas. I know! It’s early – but I’m feeling festive. There’s even a freebie for you at the end of this page! I’ve already started Christmas shopping, haven’t you? I’m ready to wrap a few prezzies already!

wedding calligraphy christmas tags (1)
Wedding or Christmas calligraphy heart tags

I’ve been working with the lovely Kirstie Allsopp writing tags and labels for all sorts of things – we’ve labelled jars of chutney, apple juice, and gift tags over the last few weeks. I’ve added some of the designs I did for Kirstie to my Etsy shop, and there’ll be more coming soon. If you’re looking for tags for special presents then have a look! I hope you like them.


Free today for every couple getting married in 2013 – calligraphy samples on my manilla tags, as featured in my Coke calligraphy shoot and soon to be seen on Love My Dress blog! I designed these little tags especially for sharing on wedding blogs and on my facebook page, and I’d love to share them with you too!

luggage tags manilla calligraphy (2)

How to get your free calligraphy tags

I’ll be sending out little tags next week, to anyone who asks to see one! All you need to do is email me your names, wedding date and postal address. The samples are free if you’re in the UK and will be written by hand, in beautiful calligraphy, just for you.

luggage tags manilla calligraphy (3)

An exclusive discount for English Wedding Blog readers

Etsy coupon code HAPPYDAYS – enter this code at the checkout


Is it just me or is everyone suddenly happier when the sun comes out? It’s been such a gorgeous week and I can’t wait for a lovely sunny weekend. And being full of good spirits I have made up an exclusive offer for you gorgeous readers!

10% off your wedding place names – all colours, all styles!

place names wedding calligrapher (3)

Photo credit

I spent a big part of this week adding my full collection of wedding heart tags to my Etsy shop – I think there were about 80 photos to take, upload and describe on Wednesday! (And all that lovely sunshine beckoning from the other side of my laptop…)

calligraphy discount code

My online shop is now fully stocked and brides and grooms around the world* can buy place name hearts in every colour under the sun! Readers of the English Wedding Blog, being more attractive, clever and nicer people than everyone else, can also claim a 10% discount on every order over £50. Woohoo!

*I shipped my first calligraphy tags to Australia this spring! Happy days 🙂