Occasionally I lurk on wedding forums… it’s a habit I’ve indulged since I started my little calligraphy business back in 2005. And this week I came across a little discussion about throwing the bouquet. With my mind very much on wedding traditions this month (we’ve a few interesting features up our sleeves) I was very curious to find out people’s opinions on bouquet tossing! With some of the amazing bouquets I’ve seen at weddings recently, I can’t imagine that throwing it would be a) physically possible, b) anything less than heartbreaking and c) financially viable!

I’d love to know your thoughts – will you throw your bouquet?

Join our little facebook discussion – is the flying bouquet a good thing?

The pros:

It’s a sweet tradition, in a way – all the girls get together for a little bit of harmless fun.

The rest of the crowd like to see who really wants that catch, and who’s trying to hide at the back – I get it. It can be hugely entertaining!