Will you be tossing your bouquet (or holding onto that beautiful creation for dear life)?!!

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Occasionally I lurk on wedding forums… it’s a habit I’ve indulged since I started my little calligraphy business back in 2005. And this week I came across a little discussion about throwing the bouquet. With my mind very much on wedding traditions this month (we’ve a few interesting features up our sleeves) I was very curious to find out people’s opinions on bouquet tossing! With some of the amazing bouquets I’ve seen at weddings recently, I can’t imagine that throwing it would be a) physically possible, b) anything less than heartbreaking and c) financially viable!

I’d love to know your thoughts – will you throw your bouquet?

Join our little facebook discussion – is the flying bouquet a good thing?

The pros:

It’s a sweet tradition, in a way – all the girls get together for a little bit of harmless fun.

The rest of the crowd like to see who really wants that catch, and who’s trying to hide at the back – I get it. It can be hugely entertaining!

It can make a great photo opportunity and memory for your wedding album.

It’s a good way to kick off your evening do – gather all the guests around for a fun moment. Perhaps more unmarried friends will be around for the evening than the daytime; and if you’re not keen on having a first dance, it’s a nice alternative.

a beautiful fairytale wedding at Lainston with Amanda Karen Photography (3)

The cons:

Bouquets can be super expensive – and whoever catches it is likely to want to take it home! Bye-bye beautiful bridal bouquet…

Don’t underestimate how heavy flowers can be – are you strong enough for that mega underarm throw to launch your bouquet behind you into the crowd?

… and if you’re wearing a strapless or spaghetti-strap dress, can you be sure you won’t pop out of the top with the force of that throw?!

If you’re having an alternative bouquet – think buttons and brooches – you could potentially kill someone.

Some of us find it a little patronising: dashing to the front of the group of girls, desperately grasping to be the next bride? Not a great look. And it leads to sometimes uncomfortable questions, “So, you’re thirty-something, why aren’t you married yet then?” I’ve been there.

a beautiful fairytale wedding at Lainston with Amanda Karen Photography (26)

As with all wedding traditions, I think throwing the bouquet is something you should only do if you think it will be fun; no traditions should ever be seen as rules we have to follow!

And one last tip: if you love the idea but can’t bear to part with your flowers, you could either use a bridesmaid’s bouquet (if you’ve a bridesmaid who won’t want to keep hers) or ask your florist to make something up especially for the big bouquet toss!


All images by our lovely friend and sponsor Amanda Karen Photography, from Sam & Martin’s beautiful Lainston House wedding (which we’ll be sharing with you in December)


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