Where on earth should a wedding business spend their advertising pennies in such a busy market? Good old magazines, whose printed pages stick around for a while (but cost a fortune)? Or Facebook ads, Instagram promotions… Perhaps wedding fairs are more your thing – but if you’re shy when it comes to meeting people and ‘selling’ your brand face to face, I totally get that because I’m like that too. For me, wedding blog advertising is the answer. It’s worked for me for the last eight years – and I’m very happy to say the English Wedding Blog now has two options for advertisers to join our little team.

Elegant and classy ideas for a mansion wedding in Devon, images by Tara Statton Photography (16)

I wouldn’t dream of selling advertising / sponsor slots on the blog if I didn’t believe it works. The English Wedding Blog is the main source of online visitors to my wedding calligraphy site – just from a monthly (or so) feature and a little banner ad. So I know it works for me.

Elegant and classy ideas for a mansion wedding in Devon, images by Tara Statton Photography (28)


What are blogs – for the uninitiated

Wedding blogs are more than a daily dose of wedding pretty. They’re more than real weddings; more than ideas and inspiration. Wedding blogs are one of the best tools out there for matchmaking couples with amazing suppliers.

Image credit: Darima Frampton Photography on the English Wedding Blog

Behind the scenes, wedding blogs are a machine. Bloggers are searching daily for shoots, images, product launches and ideas to share with readers. We’re always looking to discover amazing photographers, designers and new trends. We work to editorial calendars; we plan in advance; we sell advertising space on our websites.

Why they exist and how to make the most of them

Wedding blogs are the new wedding magazines. While we all love flicking through a printed mag, blogs took over with readership numbers a few years ago. Magazines sell hundreds of thousands of copies; blogs count their readers in the millions.

Image credit: Darima Frampton Photography on the English Wedding Blog


Forgive me lovely brides and grooms, as I speak briefly to all of your favourite wedding suppliers this afternoon! It’s that wonderful time of the year when we (wedding suppliers) snuggle up at our desks, design new stuff and revamp our websites, plan new projects and get excited about the new year. (Already – yes, I know!) and I want to help you all with part of that.

English countryside marquee wedding, images by Rob & Sarah Gillespie Photography (15)

Image credits: Rob & Sarah Gillespie

Wedding blog traffic generally doubles in January. For the English Wedding Blog, this will mean a hike from 30,000 visits a month to around 60,000. Why? Because there are lots of engagements over Christmas, and those couples who are planning 2016 weddings will start booking suppliers early in the new year.

For wedding suppliers like you and me, it means we have to work extra hard to get noticed. I have a plan to share all of my latest calligraphy projects on the English Wedding Blog in December and January, with images from all the amazing photographers I’ve worked with. I know product showcases and features work – and I want to share them with as many creative couples as I possibly can!


Hello there, dearest readers. Welcome to my personal hell… the question which has my mind spinning in circles all the time: as a UK wedding blog owner and wedding business owner (separately) I know the answer is Yes. Wedding blog advertising works.

Wedding photography by Rob and Sarah Gillespie

Photo credit: Rob and Sarah Gillespie. Click to see the full wedding feature


Here it comes! Hot on the heels of that resounding ‘Yes’, comes the qualifier: sometimes. And if you get it right. And that’s infinitely harder to define and explain and share – much as I’d like to share the secrets of wedding blog advertising with suppliers on a daily basis, it simply ain’t that simple.

Wedding blog advertising works if you push it!

If you decide to advertise on a wedding blog, you can’t just send your ad and leave it at that. You have to make your blog advertising an active part of your wedding business promotion.