Today’s blog blew me away when it landed in my inbox – the images are out of this world.

Gorgeous couple Katia and John describe themselves as a crazy couple who love to have fun and laugh a lot together. They met in a restaurant by accident, due to a mix up of the bills, and from the moment they laid eyes on each other, they became inseparable. Their love shines from these photos – everything about them is beautiful.

Katia and John photographed by St Paul's Cathedral in London. She wears a pale coral longline off the shoulder dress. He's in black tie and suit. Captured by Eva Tarnok Photography

Lovelies, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and having a fabulous weekend somewhere fabulous! We’ll be heading to my folks’ house and hoping for a cake picnic in the garden… but before I go, I wanted to introduce you to gorgeous couple Tawonga and Ed. They got engaged in 2020, and they’re planning their wedding for this summer – but first, they had a pre-wedding photoshoot with our lovely friend Hannah K Photography. I wanted to share this with you because a) it’s super romantic and these two are the absolute sweetest and b) I’m a big advocate of engagement shoots! They’re a chance to spend a little time in your wedding photographer’s company, get used to the camera and capture some special memories of your engagement. 

This time last year, we were all feeling more than a little lost. 12 months on, and I’m feeling positive about the summer. It really feels as though weddings will be back to normal before we know it! So I’m excited, and happy, and looking forward to a fresh start very soon. Which brings me to today’s lovely, loved-up, outdoorsy engagement shoot. Ruth and Liz are our gorgeous couple who are hoping for a sunny wedding in their field with their horses in Cornwall!

Strange how life online sometimes seems so far away from pandemics and social distancing, isn’t it. Strange how our reality is on screen – and how far away the world can seem sometimes. The Covid pandemic has made me realise a few things about wedding blogging. Most important I guess is that I’m not just writing about weddings. Over the last 12 months there haven’t been so many of those. But what keeps me going, what keeps me happy and smiling back at my screen is LOVE.

engagement and wedding photography Cotswolds, Joab Smith Photography

It’s been a bumper year for proposals – which only proves that love is stronger than any pandemic. We will get through this – and when we do, the other side will be so full of joyful celebrations we won’t know where to turn. I have the most romantic proposal to share with you today – with beautiful Oluwaseun taken completely by surprise when Akinwale popped the question on a quiet day in central London.

Akinwale planned everything perfectly, with London proposal photographer Matt Badenoch ready and waiting to capture the moment. Afterwards they had a stroll around the city for some more beautiful photos to celebrate their engagement!