I do adore a properly placed apostrophe, don’t you?! Titles aside, today’s feature is fantastic advice, brilliantly written. No doubt there will be music involved in your wedding day at some point – so you should totally read this guest blog by our sponsors Bands for Hire and take note!

Vibrant documentary wedding photography in Surrey by York Place Studios (32)

DO check out your wedding band’s sound before you book them.

These days, what with camera phones and YouTube, it’s easier than ever for a band to produce their own recordings and videos, so even if you can’t find any links when shopping online, you can always ask the band to send you something. Also, ask your friends and family if they can recommend a function band they’ve either seen or hired themselves recently.

2018 could turn out to be a very exciting year of weddings. Suppliers are whispering about a change in the air… I’ve heard it from more than one of my industry friends in recent months.

Greenery and gorgeous urban chic styling at Manchester Victoria Warehouse with Kate McCarthy Photography (5)

It’s not that we don’t love femininity and romantic palettes. We like pink – to be fair, pink has gone through its own little revolution over the years since the English Wedding Blog was born. It used to be just pink, then went from dusky to dusty, fuchsia to palest and barely-there, with a brush of neon along the way.

Today on the English Wedding Blog we’re all about family owned country houses: those dreamy estates where you can dine in luxury but with more of a relaxed atmosphere and generally more control over your day than you would in a ‘venue’ whose only purpose is to cater for weddings and events. Lovely Danielle from Penton Park has some great questions you should ask if you’re considering hiring someone’s luxury home for your wedding.

The perfect intimate wedding in Hampshire with Lemontree Photography (31)

I love the idea of being welcomed into a magnificent home for your wedding – instantly you feel more relaxed and less constrained by rules and things you ‘should’ be doing a certain way!

Guest article by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Stunning vibrant florals for a Welsh wedding with Jake Morley Photography (17)

All images by lovely Jake Morley Photography. See full feature here – flowers by beautiful bride Donna from Secret Garden Cardiff

Social media has become such a huge part of the wedding experience. It seems as though almost every aspect of our daily lives now revolves around consuming and sharing online. Whether it’s what you’re eating, your opinion on current events or just something you find hilarious, us daily users of social media are constantly posting about what we’re up to.

Sometimes I think it’s easier to style your wedding if you leave it almost until the last minute. It amazes me how quickly trends can change, and within eighteen months things like gypsophila, ombre and olive branches can all but disappear from our feeds. So today we’re talking about the top trends for wedding styling in 2018!

The key to a truly beautiful celebration is always to style your wedding to your personality rather than the trendiest looks you find in magazines. As a blogger though, I love to seek out next year’s trends – I kind of know where they’ll appear first and which will appeal to our English sense of style and elegance – and today I’m going to share my predictions for the coming year with you lovely lot.